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Want cut down some of your 3G data usage? Or save some money by stopping the use of 3G mobile networking? You can certainly do that! There is an Android app named Free Zone in the Google Play Store that is free to download and use. Free Zone is one of the easiest ways to find Wi-Fi and connect to free Wi-Fi networks.

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Free Zone is an app is a Wi-Fi sharing and discovery app that connects you automatically to the available Wi-Fi, every time when it finds a free hotspot zone that is in the range of the device. As soon as you get into range of a free Wi-Fi network, you will be able to get connected automatically to the Internet even while your device is in the pocket or the bag.


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Free Zone Wi-Fi saves up on your 3G data package and keeps you posted about all the available free networks. This app lets you know about over 700.000 hotspots around the world that are free to accesses and gets connected automatically when you are in a free Wi-Fi zone. Whether you launch it or not, this app continues to run on the background and search for available networks even if you launch it or not and automatically you’re Facebook, email, Twitter and other social networking accounts are synched, the moment you are in the range of an open source.

FreeZone app shows all hotspots that are close to you and can connect to any networks in range automatically, you can also follow the maps to find hotspots that are far away so you can go there and use it, when you your mobile data is not working. You can also use the Search option to look for hotspots in other cities and countries also!

However you need to download the latest version of Google map services to search the free hotspots that are available. On the maps we can find some dots and balloons showing up the reliability of those hotspots, like the green balloons showing that the hotspot is more reliable and been used and tested more. Small green dots indicate that that hotspot isn’t used much and level of trust is less. Blue balloons indicate the premium hotspots and accessed by premium subscription.

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So what are you waiting for? Download this app for free from the Google Play Store and start finding free hotspot zone and get connected automatically! However this app will consume lot of battery because the search engine is always on, but still you are still getting free network usage without much fuss! Stay tuned for more updates and information and do comment about you experience with this app.

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