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Find Product Version of Samsung Galaxy Nexus – Yakju Yakjuxw or Takju

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is the flagship model of Google launched last year introducing with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. The device became a big hit and it’s available in various countries around the globe via different carrier, network operators and resellers. The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is available in different countries around the world and they are not with a single variant or model number. You are aware that Android smart phones receive OTA updates depending upon the device version that you have. The Galaxy Nexus device is the product of Samsung promoted as a Google device. The version shown on your device might be Yakju Yakjuxw or Takju or any other.Samsung Galaxy Nexus

After a bit of research we are at conclusion that Galaxy Nexus with device version as ‘YAKJU’ are built by Google brand and they are eligible for the updates directly from Google, tailored for international Galaxy Nexus phones only. Whereas if you see other version than YAKJU on your device then your devices are region or carrier specific and updates from these devices are from Samsung. There is no difference in the Google branded or Samsung branded device but only the difference comes when you have OTA updates. Google delivers prompt updates while Samsung delays by few weeks later.Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Here in this guide we go through the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and how you can check the product version on your device. This will certainly help you to understand whether your device will receive updates from Google or Samsung. The trick is pretty simple, you need to install the Galaxy Nexus Official Update checker on your device and run it. You will come to know of your device product name easily with the message displayed as

“ The product name of your device is ….. and your device is UPDATED by Google.”Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Interestingly Android System INFO app on Google Play Store provides more insights information than this. This information includes the technical terms like hardware, system, telephone, built in task manager, app manager, logs viewer, fingerprint and battery details.



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