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Fix Android Market Apps Download Unsuccessful Error

The Android Market while you are browsing on your phone may sometime can bring out some errors. The chances that you get errors is very much less about 1%. If you have encountered any errors while you are in the Android Market, like errors of ‘Download Unsuccessful’ then here is how you can make sure that this errors doesn’t come again and again –

In your phone click on Menu and then tap on Settings.Menu SettingsNow in the various Settings options, tap on ApplicationMenu ApplicationsThis is the place to manage all the application which have been installed on your phone. You can view running apps, manage them and delete them too. But you need to click on Manage Applications.Application SettingsNow tap on the Market option available under the Manage applications.Manage Applications

Now you need to select Clear Cache to the cache of what you have searched on your phone in the Android Market.

Clear Cache

You also need to clear the Browser cache and any other cookies, along with Google Apps, Google Talk and other checkin services. Once you have done that check back if the Android Market is working perfect and also check are you able to download applications successfully or not? This trick will work on any Android mobile phone regardless you have the Gingerbread or Froyo or Ice Cream Sandwich installed on you phone.



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