Fix Blurred Photos on Android Phone with Fix Blur App

The photos which you take can go shaky or blur sometime but not all the times. Do you have any good photos which went blur on your phone? I had few photos which were shot at the night and most of them were blur. I was looking at the quick fix to it and so I headed to find out Android Market place directly. I was sure that I can find an Android application dedicated to that purpose and I was lucky to find out Fix Photo Blur Android application.

Thanks to Android Market that developers submit interesting applications and Fix Photo Blur is another interesting application submitted by, the developer. The Fix Photo Blur on your Android phone fixes the blurry, out of focus and shaken images to the considerable amount of correction. Now it’s time to say good bye to your blurry photos which you thought can’t be fixed. This application will give your nice picture quality which you wanted from the shaky photos.

This application provides instant view of both the photos so that you can compare with the original photo by tapping on the view button.

Fix Photo Blur Fix Photo Blur Fix Photo Blur

So how the application does the work? Fix Photo Blur uses an advanced algorithm optimized for phones and tablets which recovers the clarity and corrects the shakiness to nearby regions. Along with that this application comes with option of remove noise from your photos and it removes Gaussian noise and Chrome noise from the photos.

Fix Photo Blur Download

The Fix Photo Blur Android application can be downloaded from Android Apps Labs for free. From your phone, open the browser and visit the Android Apps Labs page. Now search for Fix Photo Blur and then click on Install button to proceed with automatic installation of this application.

Android Advices Application Rating – 4 /5

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