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“Free App of the Week”, now available in Google Play Store – Download Now

Google is all out to offer amazon app store like experience when it comes to offering free app. Yes, on the lines of amazon’s free app of the day, Google is now offering a free app of the week across the globe in the Play Store. While Amazon’s App store is nowhere close to the Google Play Store in terms of app downloads and revenues, this may be one of the new offerings from Google for an extra edge when compared with Apple App Store which doesn’t have free app of the week/ day.

As shown in the screen captures, the “Free App of the Week” can be accessed from the path, “Apps > Home > Family” to see the below screen captures. While for some users the free app is deep inside many levels, for some its there right at the first screen the moment you launch the Google Play Store app. The 1st App of the week is from PBS Kids which will be changed next week. While the banner doesn’t suggest which app is being offered for free, the moment you tap on the banner the purchase prompt pops up instead of showing more information.

Google Play 1 Google Play Free App of the Week 2 Google Play Free App of the Week 3

This app is otherwise priced at $2.99 (Rs.XXX), but is now being offered as free. This week’s app is Daniel Tiger Daniel Tiger Grr-ific Feelings, you can search the same if you need more info about the same. Please note that, if the app is free, it will be mentioned as free. There are some cases reported by users in few forums that it’s still being showed as a paid app. In such cases, the full price of the app will be deducted. So make sure about it before you choose to buy.

It will be interesting to see on one of the policy in Google which says that an app can’t be switched from free to paid and back again. This seems to be an exception for offering free paid app of the week.

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