Make Free Voip Calls on Android WiFi or 3G

Voice CallA voice call and video conference has becoming the essential need now a day with the digital media. Where its your smartphone or tablet PC, the text chatting is now ruled with video chat.

Viber is an application for Android and iPhone which allows you to make free phone calls and send messages to the users who have installed Viber. When you are using Viber, it makes free calls to other Viber users and the sound quality is good enough than a regular call. It’s not tricky and its doesn’t contain any annoying ads.

App like Viber is an interesting VoIP and messaging app that was launched on Apple products last year. And this year we have app for Android too available in the Android market for download. You can call any users worldwide who is on Viber and also text message them. The Viber is completely free and it doesn’t require any additional in application purchase.

The good thing I like about Viber is that this application unlike Skype, Windows Live Messenger or Fring doesn’t require people to add buddies. It behaves like your phone and if you know your friend’s phone number then you are ready to go. Viber uses your phone number as your identity and lets you make free Viber voice calls. Now to receive a phone call you should always make sure that your Viber app is running on your mobile phone and you don’t kill it.

For the best experience and voice call quality you must be using Android 2.2 and above versions. It is readily available for iPhone but Android version is currently in beta stage.

  1. Download and install the app from the App Market.
  2. Run the app on your mobile phone.Viber Voice Call
  3. Provide you mobile number and click on Continue. It will then ask for permissions to access your address book. Tap OK button without any hesitation.Viber Voice Call
  4. Now then you can call any phone number present in your mobile number with a simple call or with a call using the Viber. The Viber call is free but your operator call would be charged accordingly to your plans.Viber Voice Call
  5. Here is how the call interface would look like when you make a outgoing call or receive an incoming callViber Voice Call
  6. As you see, I am now connected on to a call with a variety of options in between call. It includes mute, hold, Switch to GSM, Contact, speaker and the End button.Viber Voice Call

The good thing which I like about Viber is that it has excellent voice quality over the phone and it offers completely free calls to your near and dear ones. The Viber app works perfectly with WiFi or 3G and as it is available for in Apple App Store, you can also make calls to the users who are using Apple products. So something in store for cross platform voice calls.





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