Galaxy S III

Galaxy S III Versions – GT-I9300 Vs GT-I9300X Vs GT-I9300T Models Comparison

The Samsung Galaxy S III has been officially launched but it can take few days of time before it’s available to the users and starting for May last week we can see this device in the hands of the users worldwide. The most anticipated device of the 2012 was launched on May 3 at Samsung UnPacked Event in London and within 2 weeks of its launch its reported that around 10 millions handsets have been pre booked via 200 carriers worldwide. We see this device breaking all the Samsung records until now hold by Samsung Galaxy S II and S handset.

Galaxy S III

Samsung Galaxy S III will fly to various countries and will be introduced with different model number and name but right now in the Asian market we see this device coming out with four different variants. Also Galaxy S III in India will release the device in two different version of generic GT I9300 and GT I9300G.

Galaxy S III in Australia will be spotted with its variant named as Galaxy S III GT I9300T as the first & second version of Galaxy S phones were GT I9000T and GT I9100T respectively. So having G in the Galaxy S’s series successor makes sense. For Japan, NTT DoCoMo will sell this device with completely different name making using of their default naming convention with Galaxy S III SC-06D.

Samsung Galaxy S III would be sold in Asia in the first week of June and its expected that GT I9300X would also be another variant made for the sale in Asia only. Also looking past, Samsung previously released two different model of Samsung Galaxy S II with GT I9100 and GT I9100G though there was just the difference in the chipset this variant was launched.

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