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Galaxy Nexus Tip : How to Turn Off 4G LTE Network Mode

galaxy nexus 4g network toggleMobile networks eat up battery, and the data usage in the mobile phones decreases the battery life further. One can’t blame a mobile phone and its battery when they are using the high-speed networks like the 3G and the 4G LTE networks, and still expect the phone to run for long hours on a single charge. One of those with the problems, is the Galaxy Nexus with the Ice Cream Sandwich, and the 4G LTE connectivity. Toggling the 4G network off whenever not using it, would be one of the best battery saving ways for the Galaxy Nexus users. Here is how you can do that –

Go to Settings > More Settings.. > Mobile Networks > Network Mode > here you see the 2 network modes – LTE/CDMA and CDMA. You need to select CDMA so that the phone doesn’t search for any 4G network around, and would opt to use the 3G network always until you change the setting again when you need it.

The purpose of the phone network capability is killed, but one can’t afford to lose the battery every few hours by unnecessarily being connected the 4G networks. For many, the battery has not gone down the throat easily even using the 4G network, but for the ones who complained about the battery draining, there are many reasons for the same, and the 4G connectivity would be the most probable one. A few users have also reported that the toggling off the network to 3G has increased the battery life by a few hours. Earlier than this, there has been a few volume issues too with the Galaxy Nexus, but this battery level problems with the 4G connectivity is not actually a newly created issue.

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