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Samsung Galaxy S5 Tip: Disable S Voice Shortcut for Faster Home Button Response

Today the Samsung Galaxy S5, the latest flagship from Samsung has been released and on this note I would like to give a tip that will make you Samsung’s Smart phone home button bit more responsive if you feel if it s lagging a bit than it was when it came out of the box. There are many Smart phones that face this issue and this list includes the Galaxy S5 also.

Many of the Samsung devices have the S Voice feature that takes voices commands and it can be activated just by double tapping the home key. So the problem is when you press the home button the system will be waiting if you would give the second tap and in the process we feel its bit slow in responding.

s5 s voice 1 s5 s voice 2

The S Voice feature is a good enough feature that lets you to search content on the web quickly just by voice commands and by this but it makes you wait when you are pressing the home button so, to solve this issue you can just turn off or disable this S Voice shortcut by heading in to the S voice and double tapping the shortcut or go to the app drawer and you will find a menu button on the top right corner, then go to Wake-up option and Open the via home key and disable it.

s5 s voice 3 s5 s voice 4

By doing this you can find that your device is responding faster than it used to respond before the S voice was disabled. So many of you might be wondering how to use the S Voice feature, well you can still do that by tapping the S Voice from the app drawer and the Galaxy S5 users can find this option via toolbox feature that is given to it. So this is a small tip that will work on many of the Samsung devices and we would be coming up with many other tips in our future posts.

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