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9 Reasons Why the Galaxy Tab 750 is the Best Tablet

samsung galaxy tab 750 launchThe Samsung Galaxy Tab 750, which is the 10.1-inch version of the tablet device by Samsung, is launched and is soon going to be in the market. But the craze as always for an Android tablet, is on its best. All of what the Galaxy Tab has, speaks for itself to be called the best Android tablet, and the best competitor which actually beats the Apple iPad. When something is hyped, people have their eyes wide open with expectations, and so here we have a list of the features that the Galaxy Tab 750 has, and which can help someone call the Tab as the best Tablet Device around –

Designed at its best, lightweight and the thinnest

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 is a thin, sleek and a beautiful device which is made to be called the thinnest Tablet Device ever, beating the slimness of the iPad 2 by 0.2mm, and the weight too is lesser when compared to the iPad. The design makes it look beautiful with the white and black glossy and smooth surface. The other stuff that makes it look better is the limited number of physical keys or buttons, which are only for the lock/switch, and the volume jack keys. Everything else takes the advantage of the touch. The screen of 10.1 inch has a large resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels, and these heavy number of pixels make the display more vibrant and the picture quality becomes better, excelling the quality of video display compatible upto 1080p.

samsung galaxy tab 750 in hands

High-end processor for a Tablet Device

The Galaxy Tab 750 is powered with the NVIDIA Tegra 2 Dual-Core processor, which would make the performance of the tab a lot better and every stuff would be performed in no time, especially the multitasking in the Android operating system. The speed is maintained, and along with that the high quality graphics and content on the tab is displayed without any glitches, making the Galaxy tab one of the best and fastest running tablet devices.

The Android Honeycomb Operating System

Honeycomb is the OS made only for the tablet devices that are running the Android OS, and the operating system is so beautifully developed to mingle along with the TouchWiz interface, and bring out the best for a good user experience. The multitasking, multiple home screens and the widgets, loads of applications that come pre-installed, and the famous Android Market which helps you download and install the applications anytime. The OS has a lot of connectivity options, and also support for multiple audio and video formats.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 honeycomb

Battery life – Long enough equalling the iPad

Long ago when the Galaxy Tab gen 1 users used to complaint about the poor battery life of the tab, it was probably due to the Android OS and the interface, but the new Android OS i.e. the Honeycomb version has been optimized to provide the battery life of nearly 9 hours, with continuous usage. We don’t have the product in our hands, but still when a nearly comparable device the Motorola Xoom with the Android Honeycomb is providing around 10 hours of battery life, we can assume the Tab to be somewhere around the same. There you go iPad, enough of boasting about the battery life of yours.

Interface Customization & Apps

The interface is simple and easy to understand, but for those who want something better, they have that too. Vast customization options, and the availability of widgets would make the appearance more lively. The Galaxy Tab 750 has a plethora of options and services by Google, which include the Gmail, Google Talk video chat, Google Calendar, YouTube, Google Maps, Google Latitude, Google Places, Google Maps Navigation, Google Body and more services which you can install and use, most of which are free which come under the name of Google. With so many apps, one can make the device more productive, rather than using it just for entertainment. TouchWiz helps in making the home screens far better with the live widgets of social networks, weather, news, stock etc.

The famous Social Hub of Galaxy family

Almost all the devices of Samsung tagged with the name Galaxy have the Social Hub in them. It is quite helpful for people who are into social networking as you keep yourself updated with the updates from Social networks including Facebook and Twitter, and you won’t need to login to those networks using the web browser in the tab. The Social Hub even integrates itself quite well with the contacts of your phone, so that the contacts’ latest update appears on the screen when the call is being to or from the contact.

The Cameras do a lot of Magic

The Galaxy Tab 750 has 2 cameras, the rear and front ones. The rear camera is of 3MP quality but is a pretty good one, enough capable to capture video at 720p quality. Hitting the iPad, the camera of the Galaxy Tab 750 has the LED flash which helps in capturing pictures in dark environment too. The front camera is of 2MP quality, a very nice one for the video conferencing with any other users who have the video calling option. The tab would take the help of the 3G connection or the Wi-Fi for the video conferencing.

samsung galaxy tab 750 camera

Connectivity at its best

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 has a lot of connectivity options, using which it helps you stay connected to the web all the time, and keep you updated with the real-time notifications and updates from the web and the social media. The tab supports the 3G connectivity, helping the device use the high-speed network connection, and the Wi-Fi b/g/n connectivity is also available. Contrary to the limited bluetooth service of iPad, the Galaxy Tab 750 has a high speed Bluetooth 3.0 technology, for the file sharing between the devices which have the bluetooth enabled.

Better Web Browser than before

The web browser of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 has a lot of improvements, loading the content in a better and faster way, and the default web browser even runs with the latest version of the Adobe Flash player so that any flash content can be opened within the browser, and there would be no hassle or additional requirements to open the flash content. The web browser supports multiple tabs and a lot more stuff which you can experience once you have the tab in your hands.

Of course every tablet device has its own unique selling points, but the Galaxy Tab has a few things which could keep it well ahead of any other tablet device in the market, starting from the design to many internal specifications. Porting a high-end processor and the memory options of 16GB, 32GB expansion through SD card slot, and a big advantage against the iPad being the flash content playing support, we can surely say that this device stands at its best and can rightly be called the best Tablet Device as of now.

Note: All the points mentioned above, were all a result of the original usage and hands-on experience of the Tab that we have with us, and so we agree that the tab has the best features that could very well go ahead of the other tablet devices like the iPad and the Motorola Xoom.

Check out the video of the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 750


Where to buy the Galaxy Tab 750 –
In India, the Galaxy Tab 750 is yet to be released into the market but you can pre-order it at Flipkart by going here. It is available for a price tag of Rs. 36200, which quite less than that of the iPad in India. The expected launch of the Galaxy Tab 750 is around 1st or 2nd week of September, 2011.
For those who are in the U.S. and want to purchase the tab, they can do that on Amazon – Samsung Galaxy Tab (10.1-Inch, 16GB, Wi-Fi)

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