Google Android 4.1 Jelly Bean with Improved Features – Project Butter Announced

Android Jelly Bean LogoGoogle has finally accounced the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean firmware version at the I/O event. Along with this a few statistics were also announced like there were 400 million device activations this year already when compared to 100 million in 2011 which is a huge jump. Along with that there are more than a million devices activated every day which means more than 12 devices are sold every single second.

Now when we get back to the 4.1 version its more like a improvised version of the ICS which has been available to all the latest smart phones. Hence its clearly created above Ice Cream Sandwich giving better experience to the users. The project Butter which is meant for making system faster is going to give you many new features which are mentioned below.

Android Jelly Bean

There is support for Arabic with 18 new input languages like Hindi, Thai & Persian. There are a few camera improvements like faster scrolling in the gallery, filmstrip view and also swipe away photos to delete them. Talking about new features in the NFC end, you can now tap the device to any bluetooth speaker to instantly connect them. Also there are new notifications customizations and you can call back someone directly from the notifications area itself.

There is better voice search facility which gives you better presented format of the searched content and better understanding of natural language. The moment you search for something you get answers based on knowledge graph. You can also easily place widgets on the home screen panes and easily resize or move them around.

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Adoption of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich has fallen short as expected. Neither can you blame the manufacturers nor Google for just 1 % adoption in the market share. By March 2012 we might see many tablets and smartphones out with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Android 4.0 was the biggest Android update as of now and it required a set of minimum hardware profile and that why we see not many mobile phones qualifying for the update. Jelly Bean is named accordingly to the Google naming convention of Android version been adopted.

Android Jelly Bean

In the news we have the rumors of Jelly Bean aka Android 5.0 is to be releasing as early in second quarter of 2012. We might also see Android 5.0 entering the notebooks and netbooks markets too. One of the key features of the Jelly Bean might be its ability to run dual boot Chrome OS. Expected that Google will speed up the development of Android 5.0, we might see Google debuting with it in May or June this year. Also this would be launched in competition with Apple’s iOS 5 and Windows 8 as they are expected to be arrive in quarter 2 this year.

It’s expected that Google will include Chrome OS elements in Jelly Bean and there is no other details available about this and we have to wait and watch. We would bring more news about Android Jelly Bean. We might hear more on June 27 when the Google I/O developer events begins.



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