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Google Nexus Ultima Concept Phone – First Jellybean Device

Around 99% of the Android phone users, be it the Samsung phone or Motorola phone or HTC phone all are eagerly awaiting for the Android 4.0 update on their phone. The Ice Cream Sandwich is out in November last year with the launch of Galaxy Nexus but since then not many Ice Cream Sandwich devices have come up. We know it’s just Ainol Novo 7 tablet with Ice Cream Sandwich and no other tablets or smartphones have received the Ice Cream Sandwich officially and reports says only 0.6 % of the all the Android phone are powered with Android 4.0. This clearly indicated that the ICS is still counting to come. Also are you aware that Google follows letter trends in naming their Android versions. After Froyo 2.2 comes the Gingerbread 2.3, then comes Honeycomb 3.x and finally Ice Cream Sandwich 4.x. So the next Android version will be Jellybean.

Google Nexus Ultima

So unlike every other Google phones, here comes the Nexus Ultima, first Android Jellybean concept phone designed by Bob Freking. Remember that this is just a concept phone and so we would be dealing with the premier and the best manufacturer in each component from the field in which they excel. So it will be the first phone with all the 4 major manufacturers contributing to the Android world: LG, Samsung, Motorola, last but not least HTC. Also Google Nexus Ultima combines the user interface of Samsung’s TouchWiz, Motoblur of Motorola, Sense by HTC and Optimus UI by LG.

Easy of the manufacturer has supplied one of the other component in which they have good reviews. Bob Freking used Exynos CPU provided by Samsung, LG and Samsung together created the display and camera and the design is by HTC and Motorola with overall quality and rest of the features. This concept phone packs a 4.7 inches RGB IPS+ display with 720p display which generates 1000 nits of brightness. The back of the handset is with Kevlar material and it comes with steel frame which protects the internal part of the device. CPU is choose to be a quadra core Exynos 5250 and graphical support is via Mali GPU. It will include 20 mega pixel camera with 5 mega pixel front facing camera and this phone will come with waterproof and bullet proof glass. Remember that this measures 9 mm thickness.



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