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Google Play – How to clear search and apps history

Everyone wants to clear the history on their device regularly, be it official or unofficial data. Google play store is another place where it shows the entire search and the app history. Whatever is the reason, you would like to delete all the information but some find it difficult to do so. Google made sure that you can delete all the information easily so that you do not have that big list of history. Below are the steps to overcome the issue and clear it easily.

Google Play – How to clear search and apps history

  • Go to the Play Store app from your smartphone
  • Open the menu that is located on the top, toward left
  • Now click on the Settings option
  • Under General, you can find the Clear search history option

From here, you can easily clear all the search history of your Google Play Store. Isn’t that simple? Well, deleting the list of apps that you have purchased, or downloaded is not that easy. We do not have the option of clearing all this data at one, so you have to do it manually by selecting each app.

  • Open the Play Store app and go to the Settings
  • Now, tap on My apps

Here you will be getting the list of installed apps and all apps on the top. Not click on the all option, and you can find a cross mark on the apps that are not installed on the device. You just have to click on the cross mark to remove that un-installed app from the list. You can also delete the apps that you have installed on the device and do not want to use it anymore. Just click on the app that you want to remove, and you will get the option of uninstall on it.

It is easy to clear out the applications, but it will consume your time if you have a big list. Drop your comment if have more queries around it.

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