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Google Play Store Paid Apps in India gets INR Pricing

The Google Play Store is the backbone of Android success in the market. Android Marketplace which is now known as Google Play Store is the place where Android powered smart phone users can download apps which are collection of tools, widgets, wallpapers and games. The apps listed in Google Play Store mostly are free to use and are been submitted by various partnered developers. Not all the apps are free and this is where paid apps comes into scenario.Google Play Store

You might be wondering how will users pay for a paid app? Not to worry as Google has simplified things into easy manner. You might be aware of Google Wallet the online payment processor launched by internet giant. You need to login into Google Wallet account using the same Gmail ID by which you have registered your Android phone and then attach your Credit Card (provide your Credit Card info) with Google Wallet. Once that is done you can easily purchase apps. We have gone through an exclusive guide on how you can purchase an Android app using the Google Wallet directly on your mobile phone.Google Play Store

Over a period of times the Google Play Store will not be limited to apps and widgets but Google has plans to introduce several of their services like Google Music, Google Movies, Google Books, Google TV and lot more in development. Several of these features have been introduces for the users in United States and other countries but as of now it’s not seen available for the India users.

One of the biggest concerns about purchasing a paid app in Google Play is that you are not sure how much you are charged in your local Indian currency. Each app is listed with its price but the currency used is United States Dollars. Before anyone raises a voice, Google takes action and have introduces apps payment in Indian currency of Rupees. So all the paid apps accessed on to Google Play Store in India will carry prices in Indian Rupee (INR).

All the developers have been notified to set prices for their paid apps in INR and they can do it by October 25. If not Google will automatically assign the INR prices to each paid apps. Interestingly all the payment to the app developers however will be made in one currency ie., USD which is the currency of Google Checkout account.

Along with this introduction in India, Google has enabled the same for the buyer’s in Russian.

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