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How to Activate & Use Guest Mode on LG G Pro 2

You always are worried to hand over your device to any known ones, because they might be accessing your personal content, right? That’s when there is a need for a separate mode is needed in the device so that you can give limited access to the content, and if possible, give access to only a few apps which do not show any personal information.

There is a separate guest mode provided in the LG G Pro 2 which does what you desire – keep the content private and provide just a limited number of applications available for usage.

LG G Pro 2 Guest Mode

Now, to enable the guest mode you need to go to Settings > General > Personal > Guest mode and there, turn it on so that it takes you through the various set up options. You need to remember that there are two patterns you need to set for lock screen, one for the guest mode and one for the normal mode. The first one would be the guest mode lock screen pattern which is to be used when you wanted the device to enter the guest mode.

LG G Pro 2 Guest Mode Settings

When you turn the Guest mode on, you will see a message “To use guest mode, set the Lock screen to pattern lock” and here you need to select “Pattern” as the locking option. Once the pattern is recorded and confirmed, you have to enter a backup PIN which comes handy when you forgot the pattern. The PIN would automatically be asked when the wrong pattern is entered for 5 times in a row.

Once these both are set, you will now have to set the pattern for the lock screen when you wanted to open the interface normally, and not enter the guest mode. All set, try to open the guest mode by going to the lock screen and using that pattern which you had set. It would welcome you with the four apps on the home screen – Camera, Videos, Music and Weather. Everything else gets hidden and inaccessible, and there’s no app drawer too. The photos and videos too are hidden, except for the ones which are captured while in the guest mode. How good is this, for content privacy?

LG G Pro 2 Guest Mode Setup


There are a lot of applications which give such modes and separate interface when someone else is using the phone, but with the default option in the LG G Pro 2, it’s always good to use it.


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