Housing Android App Review: One of the Best Property Finder Apps

Housing Android AppWe’ve seen everything. From restaurant finder to a cab service, all on an Android smartphone. But, there are some areas where we might be missing out of information available in the wild, and the reason for that is, these are such sectors which we might not indulge into, in our daily lives. One such is the house renting or buying, as we try and tend to stick to the same sweet home as long as we can. And everyone knows how hard it is to find a right house to shift to, if there is a need.

But recently, there have been some very good apps for smartphones, that have done the job to find a house for rent quite easier. Not limiting itself to renting, there are purchases and sales of houses as well possible through them. One of them, very worthy of a mention, is the Housing App for Android. The company does have a beautiful iOS app as well, but here, we limit the review to the real estate app for Android one that looks the best in interface and does the job one would expect it to do.

Housing Android App Features

To start off, here’s what you can do with the Housing App –

  • Real estate search: It is not limited to house, but apartments, paying guests and hostels. The search is filtered with several options, which I would be explaining down below, but before that, you get to see the high quality images of each of the listing, price and accurate information and the contact information of either, the broker or the owner of the house.
  • Search filters based on requirements: Not everyone would want a large house with three bedrooms, right? that is where the filters come to the rescue. The user gets the option to select the number of bedrooms, price range, bathrooms, property type, lease type, furnishing type, date, amenities, and whether you want to see houses with ACs, TVs already available.

Housing Android App Search

  • Location based finder: The app has a map where you can specify the location, or search with the areas given for the particular city in the beginning of the search itself. The map shows a radius within which all the available houses are shown, and the price / summary is shown there itself, on a single tap. Makes it easier for those who wanted to search for houses close to their workplace.
  • Shortlist: Finding one, checking it out and finalizing it. Home finding is a relatively harder task. One would probably want to see more than what he has already done, and list out the best choices. The Housing app lets the user shortlist the houses they like, and then let them review and finish the deal.

Housing Android App Filter

Digging into the company’s information, we got to know that whatever the data is listed in the application (or their website, no difference), is all genuine, because there is made-up photos sent by the owner or broker, but it is the Housing team that does most of the capturing and approvals. That makes it even more trustworthy, and a companion to find the dream house for renting or purchasing for life.

Using an app against the web version of the same is advantageous, for the reason that while on-the-go, you could simply hit the map and reach the exact house with the estimated directions. And, before getting into our thoughts about the app, we’d say frankly, Housing is indeed one such service that we blindly recommend as a property finder.

Now, a few points about the app that should be helpful for you to understand whether the app is a tidy option.

Housing Android App Review

The interface is simple, neat and clean. This isn’t obviously a third party classified service, but a client system linking both the parties. So, no ads and no fuss. As soon as you open the app, you are asked about the requirement directly.

Housing Android App Listing

The way the Housing app showed the filters, deep but important ones such as availability of AC, TV, Cupboards and Beds along with the flat and society amenities (including gas pipeline, parking, lift, refrigerator) is something very important for someone shifting to a new city, and looking for no such issues about buying new ones and roaming around to sell the old ones, or all in all, moving the entire goods. We’ve locally seen several people asking for flats for sale in Bangalore, and not each of them might be shifting their old goods to the new place. And that is the reason, knowing about furnishing is important.

The data is accurate, and each listing has a gallery of photos about the property (house, apartment or any other) with information about the number of rooms, furnishing and the amenities. There is no hidden information, whether you are going deal with the owner directly, or a broker. The other way, you don’t have to work hard to put your house for sale or rent when the need arises. The app has a direct option of listing the house, and that would be later verified before going live.

Finally, Housing Android app is one such credible and reliable app you should have in your smartphone, if you are a student, job seeker or someone who hops around every few months. You don’t really need to roam around on streets to find the available spaces, when you are getting it on your smartphone’s screen. Isn’t it?


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