How to backup contacts in Android Phones

backup logoIts a common problem which we generally encounter with is the backing up of contacts in the Android phone. So let’s check out how you can create a backup of all your contacts so that when something happens with your phone or data gets erased you can restore the backup which is been created by the simple and effective method. You doesn’t need any additional software or application tools for creating the backup as you device comes with backup compatibility.

Procedure to create a backup of your contacts:

  • Firstly, you need to open your Contacts from your Android phone, press the Menu button and then select More option from the list of Menu items.contacts
  • As soon as you click on more option, you will get two options, import contacts and back up contacts. Now, you need to Select the back up contacts option to proceed.

backup contacts

  • Now, after clicking on back up, you can Select your choice of backup that is from either SIM card or from Memory card.
  • sim or memory card

    So, after selecting sim card or memory card all contacts are backed up, so next time when you lose your contacts, you don’t need to worry about as the contacts have been successfully backed up on your selected medium either on sim or on memory card. Please note that this backup facility is only available in select Android phones like in Google Nexus one. So, by following simple set of procedure steps you have have a simple backup of all your contacts either on your sim card or on your memory card.



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