How to Enable & Disable Wi-Fi on Android Mobile Phone

Toggle WiFi LogoTurning On or Turning Off  the Wi Fi may sometimes be very painful as you need to switch or flip through many screens to first find an option of Wi Fi and then switch it On / Off. So is there any way by which you can avoid this flipping business, yes with a simple software tool called Toggle Wi Fi, you can do turn On / Off the Wi Fi in a very simple way, turning on or turning off can be done with mere a tap.

Procedure to turn Wi Fi On / Off:

  • First you need to tap on Applications icon and need to open Android Market Place just by tapping on it.

Applications Screen

  • Now, after opening the Android Market Place tap on the Magnifying glass symbol or on Search option so that in the search string toggle Wi Fi can be entered.


  • Now in the text box enter the string as toggle Wi Fi and simply tap on the Search button which is just located next to text box.

Search Toggle WiFi

  • Now after tapping on the search, you will get a list of apps, out of which you need to select the Wi Fi Toggle by Rounded Labs application. Generally it’s the first app in the list but if it is not then you can easily find from the shown list of apps in the Android Market place.

WiFi toggle App

  • Now, after selecting the application, all you need to do is to just tap on Install button as shown in the below snapshot.

Install toggle WiFi

  • Now, after clicking on the Install tab, the Widget app will ask for the application access to System Tools, just tap on Ok to proceed.

Toggle WiFi App Access

  • Once the app is downloaded, it gets installed automatically without you needing to do anything, now to open the widget, you need to continuously long press tap on any of the home screens till you get a list of Widgets as shown below.

Choose Widget

  • Now when the Toggle Wi Fi widget is selected, the widget comes right on the home screen as shown below.

Toggle Wifi widget

  • Now, tap on Toggle Wi Fi Widget to turn Wi Fi on. The icon on the top most status bar you will find that if the Wi Fi icon is there then it means that Wi Fi is On whereas if the icon is not there then Wi Fi is Off.

Toggle WiFi

So, now when you want to turn Wi Fi on/off, just tap the widget again. That’s it Wi Fi will be turned On or Off.

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