How to Flash CyanogenMod 7 ROM to Dell Streak

Dell StreakIf you are having a dell streak then you would want to know on how you can install various available ROMs, but before that the most crucial part is on how you will root your device so that the Dell streak can create an access to all those ROMs which can be installed. So, let’s check out first on how you can Root your Dell Streak Android phone, install the custom ROM and then flash your device with the latest Cyanogen Mod 7 which will increase the overall speed of the device plus the battery life too will be optimized by installing this in your Streak.

Please ensure that before proceeding to flash the device, its very important that you have fully charged your Dell Streak battery or else it will become dead in the middle of the updation process. Also, take a necessary back up of all the applications, contacts, messages and other data as you may lose all the information in the due course of the update. And also most importantly, you will have to make sure that you follow every single step which is mentioned below is followed carefully as if you don’t then you may end up bricking your device.

Procedure to Root Dell Streak:

  • Download the superboot and unzip the file in your computer.
  • Now, you will have to boot the Dell streak into the boot loader mode which can be done by taking the battery out and then replace it and hold Camera + Power button while the device boots. Now, you will have to select the fast boot which is located on the top right side part. Now, after selecting the fastboot which is there on the top right, wait for 10 seconds and then plug the device into the computer after which the screen will change to the “fast boot mode”. If it doesn’t enter the fast boot then you will have to retry the process.
  • Now, from your computer, follow the corresponding commands properly:

Windows: download click install-superboot-windows.bat

Linux: open terminal and run the following commands:

Navigate to the extracted folder, i.e.

cd /extracted/path/of/folder

chmod +x


OS X: open terminal and run the following commands:

Navigate to the extracted folder, i.e.

cd /extracted/path/of/folder

chmod +x



So, once you have entered in the commands which are mentioned above, your Dell Streak will be rooted successfully, now you will have to proceed to install the custom recovery image. Once this is finished, the Dell Streak is rooted. Continue to the next section on how to install a custom recovery image. Also, please note that the rooting voids the warranty but when un rooted the device, you can reclaim the warranty.

Procedure to install custom ROM:

Please note that if your dell streak already has a custom recovery installed in it then you may skip the below mentioned procedure.

  • Open the Android Market Place, search for the ROM manager and install the same.
  • Now, after installing, open the ROM Manager application and select Flash ClockworkMod Recovery option from the list.
  • Click on Dell Streak and then give the app root permission if it prompts you.

recovery image

  • Some users may face some freezing or hanging issues, just allow the app to Force Close and restart the device and repeat the above procedure again.

super user request

  • So, once the flash was successful, you should see a dialog box which will say “Successfully flashed ClockworkMod recovery!” after which you will have to click on Ok.
  • So, now after following the above procedure, ClockworkMod should now be installed on the Dell Streak.

Procedure to flash Dell Streak with Cyanogen mod 7:

First Method (via Rom Manager)

  • First you will have to Launch Rom Manager application from your Dell Streak and need to select the first option which is Flash Clockwork Mod Recovery to update the latest version.
  • Now, just select the Download ROM option from the main menu list of the ROM Manager.
  • Select the Cyanogenmod option, and then choose the latest version of Cyanogenmod from the menu and when you select the latest version of the Cyanogenmod, ensure that you also check the Google Apps option.
  • Now, once the ROM is finished downloading, it will prompt you to Backup Existing ROM and Wipe Data and Cache.

If here the Superuser prompts for root permissions, you will have to check to Remember and then Allow the corresponding operations.
The Dell Streak will now reboot into the recovery, wipe data and cache, and then install Cyanogen Mod. When it’s finished installing it will reboot into the Cyanogen Mod.

Second Method (via Recovery)

  • After downloading the latest version of Cyanogen Mod along with the , place both the Cyanogen Mod as well as the Gapps of them to the root of the SD Card. Now, after this you will have to boot the Dell streak into the ClockworkMod Recovery.
  • Now, once the device boots into the ClockworkMod Recovery, with the use of the side volume buttons to move around, and either the power button or the trackball to select.
  • Here, now you will have to install the zip from the SD Card which can be done by choosing the Zip file from the SD card and then select the Cyanogenmod

So, from the above two methods of flashing, you can choose the one of your choice. Do let us know if you come across any problems, we will guide you in solving them.




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