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How to Flash Sony XperiaX10 – root, install & clean ROM

FlashtoolIf you are having Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 then this article would be of great help as we will see an ultimate app which will help you to root, un root and with this you can also clean the ROM very easily so that you can optimize your device for better performance and speed. Also, additionally with this app you will be able to customize the ROM very easily and also can install the xRecovery mode in your Xperia X10.

The name of the tool is called as Flash tool which is now available for all the SE Xperia X10 phones and its range which comes with many advanced features which are like rooting your Xperia X10, flash an original Android 1.6 donut or Android 2.1 Eclair image, xRecovery, Busy Box, Modify ROM so that you can get out of the system apps which you don’t wish to have them on your phone. You can also clean all references to the removed system apps from the ROM, customize the RAM with additional apps, Optimize with JIT v2 compiler and Edit the /system/build.prop file. While Flash tool itself may not allow you to install custom ROMs as it only supports the official Android images, but it allows you to install xRecovery that you can use to install custom ROMs to your phone. Before you can flash, you need to connect your device in Flash mode. Note that you should wipe user data if you switch between Android version 1.6 and 2.1 version.
This flash tool app is very simple to use application which comes with a very simple to use tool with a neat user interface which can be conveniently used. The only thing which needs is little carefulness as you will be dealing with all the system files. Also, additionally the flash tool works on all the popular Windows Platforms XP/Vista/7 and can be downloaded from the below link. Please ensure that you have backed up all the user content in your phone before performing the critical operations like Rooting and stuff as in an unlikely even you might lose the data in your phone. After downloading the flash tool in your computer, just install the application in the computer and follow the on screen instructions.

FlashTool 0.2.5

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