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How to Increase HTC One V Battery Life

HTC One V is amazing smart phone launched by HTC Corporation which has something creative design unlike the common smart phone. HTC One V includes the 3.7 inches touchscreen display with 1 Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and Adreno 205 GPU. The device includes 1500 mAh battery which can be charged using the charger provided. One V smart phone is loaded with 3G high speed internet access, A GPS, Wi Fi, Wi Fi tether and various other handy options.

One V smart phone

The 1500 mAh battery is just good enough to run the device for complete one day usage which includes few minutes video playback, few calls, SMS, internet access. Powering up the 3.7 inches screen and the processor consumes battery and more battery is consumed while you play games or use any other functions. The best thing about One V is that it’s loaded with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system which comes pre-installed on the device which is with less battery consumption and provides better battery management as well. Still there are lot many thing by which you can extend the life of your battery. Your phone will run out of battery if you use Wi Fi tether, LED flash continuously as torch and A GPS are the highest battery draining component found on any devices.

Provided here are some of the optimized tips for your HTC One V smart phone so that you can extend the life of your battery by saving it wherever possible.

Power Management

When you are using the Wi Fi it’s OK to turn it ON but when you are not using it, it’s better to turn off the Wi Fi as to save battery. When Wi Fi is ON it constantly consumes battery searching for the nearby Wi Fi hotspots. One can easily turn OFF and turn ON Wi Fi by simply dragging down the notification bar at the top. The similar case is with Bluetooth as well. Turn it off when you are not using it.

It’s also noted that Wi Fi tether is the highest battery draining component in any devices not only the case with One V. You will run out of battery within half an hour of WI FI tethering on your One V smart phone. So when you are not sharing your internet with other please turn it OFF and save battery for future.

Auto Sync Data

As you know that Auto Sync option does the job of synchronizing background data like applications, apps, updates, emails check from time to time. If you think that what is most suitable to your need then you can turn Auto Sync OFF. You can change the settings for sync by going through Settings and tapping on Accounts & Sync. Alternatively one can set Auto Sync for every 2 hours or 4 hours or 6 hours.

Manage Display Settings

Not always you need full screen brightness. If you are in enclosed walls then you can set the screen brightness to 10 % or you can set the option as auto brightness. This is one of the best way to save the continues drain of your phone’s battery.

One X display

Camera Flash

One should ensure that they don’t use the LED Flash light provided with the phone’s camera. We know that using the LED flash you get better picture in the night and low light conditions but you should always set the LED flash to ‘Auto Flash’ mode. In this mode, flash will play its role only when you capture a photo. Also try to ensure that you use flash as torch for limited period of time only when required.

Live Wallpapers

Live wallpapers on your mobile phone certainly enhance the graphics but they consume resources and energy all the time even though you have locked your screen or idle. In my recommendations, you should never use the live wallpapers.

Manage Your Apps

One can easily manage apps that they don’t use. You might have opened an application or feature on their mobile and they you don’t forget to remove it from task manage. Another way to uninstall apps which you are not using by going through Settings -> Apps -> and tap uninstall for the apps which you no longer need it.

Battery Charging Practices

battery charging One VIt’s quite important for you to understand how you are charging your device which can provide a greater impact on your battery life and health of your battery. All the batteries come with fix number of charge cycles. So instead of charging your device in timely manner, it’s recommended that you charge your device which you have 10 % or 20 % battery life left. And you should ensure that you fully charge your device without disconnecting it from the charging socket. Make sure that you use the dedicated charger for your One V smart phone provided with the box itself.

HTC One VManaging Network, Gps

Last but not the least, GPS is the highest battery draining component on your phone. So when you are using the Google Maps or any location based services, we don’t say you shouldn’t turn OFF. Use it only when its required and then turn it OFF or else you will run out of the battery very soon.

Also keeping your phone on the 3G network connection consumes battery. So if you are not using the 3G internet data, or video calls then better keep your phone in the 2G mode or Auto mode.

By following the above tips we ensure that your One V smart phone battery life will be increased to a considerable extent. Try to follow these tips and do let us know about it.



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