How to Prevent Android device from Dialing in the Pocket

samsung galaxy sMost of us when we keep or mobile phones in pocket it tends to automatically dial out number with an accidental press of the buttons. And also while you are walking it is natural that with your things hitting the phone’s keypad it may dial some numbers. You can easily avoid this situation, like in the case of HTC Hero it has a security feature which just requires you to slide down the finger over the screen so as to make use of Menu or also any other thing which is required to access the phone. So what it does basically is until and unless you don’t slide your keypad your device can’t be used.

So, now comes the question on how to activate this, for this no need to follow any procedures this time but just head to Settings menu from the Applications list and just choose the Security option. Now, choose the required pattern option from the list to select the option as per your choice. This will require you not only to slide down the screen, but also to follow up with sliding a pattern on the screen of the numbers. Also, with the help of an additional step you will be required to actually change your pattern or in short you can choose the Change unlock pattern option from the list.

If you are the person who frequently uses the phone then i would suggest you to go for a simple and standard security option of a simple pattern to unlock the screen rather than any other option as any other option will be bit of a time consuming and sometimes it may act as an irritant. The pattern must include the joining of 4 dots as per your pattern, be it square or even a diagonal or to any other shape with the help of joining 4 numbers. SO it just takes 2 simple steps to unlock the phone, one is to slide the screen and then to select the pattern to get an access to the device. This feature is easily available on any of the Android device.

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