How to re download the purchased Apps from Android MarketPlace

android logoQuestion: Recently i had factory reset my Samsung Galaxy S and i found that the apps which i had purchased from the Android Market Place along with other free applications which i had downloaded all have been deleted. I’m simply clueless now about what to do now, i can’t purchase again and again, is there any way out so that i can re download purchased applications.

Answer: Hi, not to panic, i will surely guide you in re downloading the purchased applications and other free applications which you have downloaded from Android’s Market place. You need not pay again for the applications which you have purchased from Google’s Android Market place. It sometimes happens that you accidentally might lose applications due to many reasons like factory reset etc. etc. Let’s see now how you can again re download the applications from Android Market place.

Procedure to Re download applications from Android Market Place:

  • First Open the Market application from your Android device.
  • As soon as Market opens up, you will find that there are three categories at the top, namely, Apps, Games and Downloads. Now, gently tap on Downloads.
  • Now, after tapping on Downloads, you will find the list of all applications which you have downloaded from Android Market place in the past.
  • Now from this list, you will find a Purchased tag on the right hand side of the screen. All you need to do is to just tap on the applications you wish to download.
  • After tapping on the application which you wish to download, you will be asked to Install the application and proceed to download the application again. Not to worry this time you need not pay again for the application which you will be downloading. In similar way you can again re download the free applications which you have downloaded earlier. Please note that the data charges will be charged as per your plan.


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