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How to Root Samsung Galaxy Ace GT 5830 Tutorial

Samsung Galaxy Ace LogoLast time we saw on how you can root your Samsung Galaxy Ace GT 5830 which is on the Stock firmware 2.2.1 and also recently we came up with an article covering on how you can easily upgrade the firmware of your Samsung Galaxy Ace GT 5830 to the latest XXKP9 2.3.3. We really apologize for bringing in the article to root this firmware as for all those who have followed the procedure to update the latest XXKP9 2.3.3 the root access was revoked as the firmware was new. So, not to worry as we will now see in the due course of this article on how you can easily root your Samsung Galaxy Ace, which is powered by latest XXKP9 2.3.3 Gingerbread version of firmware.

Please note that many users doesn’t know the benefit of rooting the device, for all those you can refer on what are the benefits of rooting Android device here and then can proceed to the rooting of the device. Please also note that rooting the device voids the warranty, though the warranty can be claimed back by un rooting the device. We will see on how to root the device but just in case if you wish to know how you can un root the device so that you can re claim the warranty which is voided because of rooting then all you need to do is to update your Galaxy Ace GT 5830 again with the XXKP9 2.3.3 from the above link and then the root access will be revoked and then the fresh firmware will be installed without the rooting access.

So, now let’s proceed and see on actually how you can root the device, it’s very important to follow the instructions which are mentioned below including the ones which are mentioned as the pre rooting instructions followed by the express procedure on how you can root Galaxy Ace GT 5830.

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