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How to Root Samsung Galaxy S 2 i9100 – Tutorial

Galaxy S 2 LogoWith the launch of Samsung Galaxy S II which is also known as Samsung Galaxy S2 GT I9100, the firmware updates have started pouring in and the same we have covered it. If you just missed the last firmware update for Samsung Galaxy S2 then we saw on how to update Galaxy S2 with the latest firmware XWKDD.  Now, taking the Android experience to a whole new level, you will have to root your phone so as to open up Galaxy S 2 for new possibilities. Do, note that though rooting the device will void the warranty but un rooting the device will bring back the warranty. Also, we will be covering two different procedures under which you will be rooting the Galaxy S2 but it’s recommended to follow each and every single instruction carefully and if not followed the instructions carefully you may even brick your phone after that you can only use the same as an expensive paper weight.

Do, note that before we proceed to the procedure to root Samsung GALAXY S2 you will have to follow the pre root instructions First up you will have to ensure that you have upgraded your firmware to XWKDD from the above link and after that depending upon your convenience you need to choose any one of the two rooting methods which are mentioned below after following the list of pre root instructions.

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