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How to Root Samsung Galaxy Tab – One Click Z4root

samsung galaxy tab logoThere are many advantages of rooting out of which some interesting one’s include uninstalling apps which generally can’t be uninstalled Samsung Galaxy tab, applying themes, flash custom RAM, change boot animation screens and also can completely take backups. What if it is hard to root Apple’s iPad, we will guide you in rooting none other than the closest contender of Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab.

As days are passing by, Rooting is becoming easier and easier and so as rooting on Samsung Galaxy Tab too becomes one click. Z4root, is the application with which rooting becomes one click.

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Procedure to Root Samsung Galaxy Tab:

  • First, you need to download Z4root application and need to enable USB debugging in your Samsung Galaxy Tab by pressing Menu, then you need to tap on Settings, then Applications, Development and need to check on option USB debugging.

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  • Now, after changing to USB Debugging, launch Z4Root from Applications and just tap on Root button.
  • As soon as you tap on Root, the device will restart. Now Run z4root by going into Applications  to check if the rooting process was successful or not. If rooting was a success, then you’ll see a new Superuser app in your app drawer/tray and if the rooting is not successful all you will have to do is to just repeat the above procedure. You again have to restart the device so that the device is completely rooted. Once the  device is restarted, your phone has been successfully rooted.

As rooting has many advantages, there are disadvantages too, you can refer to a  complete list of advantages and disadvantages on Rooting. Last but not the l;east, rooting your device voids the manufacturer warranty, so its advisable to root only if you know what you are doing  at your own risk as if any thing goes wrong your Galaxy Tab may become useless.



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