How to take screen shots in Samsung Galaxy Tab without Rooting

samsung galaxy tab logoTaking Screen shots from your device has been never been an easy task as it always required us to root the device most of the times. What if i say that you don’t need to root your device or install any third party software tool for taking screen shots on your Galaxy Tab. With the launch of Galaxy Tab ahead of Apple iPad in most of the places, Galaxy Tab is currently winding up on its buyers. With simple and hassle free method to take screen shots on your Android device it doesn’t even requires rooting.

Just by using a simple trick you will be able to take screen shots on your Samsung Galaxy Tab.

home screen

Procedure to capture Screen shots on Galaxy Tab:

  • First, go to the page of which you need to have the screen shot of and then hold the Back button and press the Power button at the same time.
  • Now, after pressing Back button and Power button simultaneously, you will hear a Click.
  • As soon as you hear the click sound that means the screen shots are successfully saved in the Micro SD card, in a dedicated folder called the Screen Capture.

So there you go, you have successfully taken screen shots very easily. No need for either root your device or even to  install a dedicated application, nor the extremely confusing Android SDK installation method to take screen shots. This time Samsung have done well to provide this simple method for taking screen shots, wish such kind of feature was there in other Galaxy phones too.



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