How To Update Samsung Captivate to Android 2.2 Froyo Firmware

CaptivateFinally the time has arrived where in you can update your Android device if you are using Samsung’s Captivate phone SGH i897. Till now Captivate used to run on the Android’s 2.1 Eclair operating system and after this update your phone will be running on the Froyo built of operating system version.

There are some pre requisites which you need to consider it,

  • Ensure that you are flashing this firmware on 32 bit windows version of Win XP, Vista or 7 version,
  • Charge the battery fully before proceeding to update and also keep USB cable along with the Kies Mini Software package handy.
  • Do note that the phone’s data will be wiped off completely, so it’s better to sync with either Google or can also alternatively back up your whole data in your computer  and also ensure that you remove your SD Card if any along with the SIM card from your phone before proceeding to update though this is an advisory and not a compulsion though as this is just a precautionary measure to avoid data loss from the SD card also in an unlikely event.
  • If you are not having the latest version of Kies Mini then you can download the same.

Installation of Kies Mini:

Kies Mini

  • For all those who are upgrading their devices for the first time, then open the installation file of Kies Mini which you have downloaded and simply follow the onscreen instructions to install the same on your Computer or Laptop.
  • After the installation, restart the computer and after that you will have to configure the Kies Mini which can be done in the following steps,

1. Go to Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging and simply enable the “USB Debugging” mode by tapping on the same.

2. Now, next up you will have to plug the USB cable into your phone and connect the other end to the computer after which your phone will be detecting the new hardware and then the installation of all the possible drivers will be done in few moments.

3. Unplug the cable from the phone and power off the device. Hold down both the volume up & down keys while inserting the data cable. The phone will enter a Downloading mode. The computer will then install the rest of the driver files. If there is a problem with Windows finding the driver, let it search online to grab them. Once the computer has finished, unplug the device from the computer, remove the cover, remove the battery, insert the battery, and place the cover back on. Lastly, power on the device and also restart the computer.

Procedure to update Captivate with Froyo:

  • First up you will have to open the Kies Mini and need to plug the USB cable into your phone.

Open Kies mini

  • After opening the Kies Mini, you will find an option to upgrade the phone as you can see in the below snapshot.

Phone Upgrade

  • As soon as you click on the Phone upgrade you will be presented with the caution statements which should be read carefully and after that you need to check on the “I have read and understood…” option and then you will have to click on the Upgrade button.

Caution Statements

  • As soon as you hit on the Upgrade button, the Kies Mini software will be contacting the server and will download all the binary files which are required for the updation process and depending upon the internet speed the binary updates will be downloaded from the server but generally it takes quite a few time as you can see the progress bar as shown below.

Binary files download

  • After downloading of the files, the KIES Mini will be updating the device as shown below, ensure that you don’t pull the plug off the USB cable from your computer.

updating the device

  • Next up you just need to Click on the Ok button to finish the updation process.

update finished

Now after this simply disconnect the cable from the phone. On the phone, USB Debugging should be disabled. To do this, press the Menu key, go to Settings > Applications > Development > and tap on USB debugging and there you go you have now successfully upgraded your device to Froyo 2.2 version. Do, let us know if you have any problems while updating the device, we will be happy to help.



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