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How to Update Samsung Galaxy S Epic 4G to Froyo 2.2

Samsung Epic 4G Froyo LogoLooks like Santa has arrived even before Christmas for the owners of Samsung Epic 4G in terms of Froyo update. The Froyo update files got leaked and now let’s make use of this leaked file for updating your Samsung Epic 4G device. Company came out and said that this build is a test build and not a final build but if you are the one who love trying things then let’s proceed and see how you can update the same.

Procedure to Update Samsung Galaxy S Epic 4G to Froyo 2.2:

  • First you will need to download the update file and once the downloading is finished you need to rename the file to
  • Now first of all take the back up of all your data and turn off your Samsung Epic 4G  phone and simply remove the microSD card.
  • After creating a backup and removing the microSD card if any, connect your device to the computer and copy the renamed file in the root folder of your device’s microSD card.  For all those who don’t know what is the root folder then it’s basically the base folder of the card, so if you were to navigate to my computer and double click on your card’s drive/icon then next directory which will be opened up is nothing but the root folder.
  • Now, you need to unplug your microSD memory card and insert it back into the device but please note that you don’t turn your device switch ON.
  • So now carefully, hold down the Volume Down button, Camera button, and then finally long press and hold the Power button WHILE HOLDING DOWN THE OTHER 2 BUTTONS SIMULTANEOUSLY. Repeat this procedure till your device boots up in the recovery mode  where you will find an option apply
  • Now, use the volume buttons to highlight this option and then press the home button from your device. So now, sit back and relax as the installation in the form of update will begin and once it boots to an all new Froyo then it is recommended to hard reset your phone so that Froyo remains intact in your device.

This is it! Now, you have successfully installed Froyo 2.2 operating system on your Epic 4G. Now, after installing froyo update you might also top up your device with an all New Android Market Place.



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