Best HTC Explorer Extended Batteries & Portable Chargers – A310e

The HTC Explorer is an Android phone manufactured by HTC. This is a low end Android phone aimed at those users who require the basic functionalities of a smartphone but at a low cost. This phone sports a 3.2 inch TFT capacitive touch screen whose size is quite average when compared to high end phones but is more than enough for basic everyday usage.  The phone supports only a Mini SIM card. In to the software part, the phone is found running on Android v2.3 (Gingerbread) out of the box. HTC have also added HTC Sense UI 3.5 which is their custom user interface on top. In the camera section, the phone features 3.15MP back camera which is also capable of recording videos at 480p resolution. There is no front facing camera. Under the hood it is powered by a snappy 600mHz processor which makes for a reasonably good performance. Having 512MB of RAM also helps towards increasing speed and user experience. A standard 1230mAh battery comes along with the phone and easily powers it throughout the day.

With the need to be connected all the time, nowadays running out of battery is very common. Extended batteries can be really helpful in these situations. Extended battery for your smartphones comes in handy just in case you are in need of more power. The rechargeable battery pack allows you the flexibility to charge your device on the go, by simply using your device’s USB charging cable. It is ideal for users that play tons of music, movies, pictures, video and games who need their device on and working at all times. These extended batteries and portable chargers are made just for your device so that it offers maximum power and functionality. Carrying one of these along with you would always come in handy. Portable chargers come in various sizes and capacities and picking the right one for your phone could matter much, considering the performance it would deliver. There are multiple options these days from various manufacturers. In this post we are going to look at some of the best extended batteries and portable chargers available for the HTC Explorer.

Anker® Astro2 8400mAh Backup External Battery Pack

Anker Astro external battery pack comes with a huge capacity of 8400mAh. It is small and lightweight and will fit in your pocket nicely, while providing you with long hours of charge during emergencies. Considering it comes with 8400mAh of power, it could give your smartphone hours of battery backup and more, depending on the model and the capacity of the battery your smartphone packs. It also has a sleek, compact and stylish design. Capable of 4 full charges or 33 hrs of talk time for your mobile phone, this is one of the best external chargers in the market for your HTC Explorer.


  • 8400mAh capacity
  • Slim, Sleek, Compact, portable and stylish Design
  • Samsung Grade A high quality Lithium-ion cells
  • Dual USB output
  • Convenient to carry in your pocket
  • 500 + recharge cycles
  • LEDs indicate battery status

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Tursion High Quality 4800mAh External Battery Pack Charger

Tursion external battery pack has intelligent circuitry and provides safe and highly efficient charging. High quality rechargeable Li-ion cells are used which increase energy efficiency. It can store up to a maximum capacity 4800mAh of charge. It is quite thin, light weight, portable and has a stylish design. The Battery provides about 25 hours of video playback. This is great for travelling and long flights where a power port isn’t easily available. LED indicators on its front shows real time battery status. Its compact size allows it to be easily carried in a pocket or in carry bags.


  • 4800mAh capacity
  • Led indicators show battery status
  • Stylish design
  • High quality rechargeable Lithium-Ion cells increases energy efficiency
  • Light weight and portable

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Fonus High Quality External Rechargeable Back Up Battery

Fonus Rechargeable Back up Battery allows you the flexibility to charge your device on the go, by simply using your device’s USB charging cable. It has a maximum charge capacity of  2800mAh. If you are finding your phone’s battery dying at the end of the day and isn’t of much use to you the Backup Battery Phone Charger is the perfect way to inject life back into your phone or even just provide you the security of having a backup. This has a feature which allows you to charge both the battery and your phone at the same time. LED indicators on the front indicate how much charge is left in the battery at that time.


  • Fully compatible with the HTC Explorer
  • 2800mAh capacity
  • Quickly and efficiently charges cell phone battery
  • LED indicators in the front indicate remaining charge.
  • Allows you to charge both battery and phone at the same time

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New Trent iCarrier IMP120D 12000mAh Heavy Duty External Battery Pack

The New Trent iCarrier is a super powerful heavy duty external portable charger packing a massive 12000mAh of battery. This massive charge can provide around 55 hours of backup battery life for your phone. This is perfect for frequent travellers who travel a really long distance or travel frequently to remote places where there is no access to power. The battery is equipped with dual USB charging outputs so that it can power 2 devices at the same time. A 10 months product warranty for this battery will give you a peace of mind.


  • Battery capacity of a massive 12000mAh
  • Dual USB charging outlets to charge 2 devices at a time
  • Heavy duty and durable
  • Recharge input time : 8-12 hours
  • Around 55 hours of battery backup
  • 10 month product warranty

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Battery1inc 4700mAh Rechargeable External Backup Battery

Battery1inc external backup battery is a Lithium-Polymer Battery with a capacity of 4700mAh. All the wonderful thins you do with your mobile stops  when the battery runs out of power. This battery is a great solution as it provides instant charge to your phone, anywhere, any time. One full charge on the battery can recharge your phone about 2 times. It comes with 4 Step LED display to show charge status and battery life. This also has a slim design and is extremely portable.


  • Thin lightweight and portable
  • 4700mAh capacity
  • LEDs indicate battery level
  • Rechargeable Over 500 Times
  • 5V output
  • Ideal for Long Flights & Journeys without a Plug-Point
  • Recharge by connecting connecting micro-USB cable to PC

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