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HTC HD 2 – Dual Boot Android & Windows Phone 7

Dual Boot HD2 LogoGenerally, If we have an Android phone then we will surely think, wish i could also have an Windows 7 based phone and likewise a Windows Phone7 user will always dream of an Android most of the times. So, in this case if you own a HTC HD2 then you can fulfill this dream of dual booting your device with Windows 7 operating system as well as the Android Operating system on the same device. Since HTC HD2 only comes with a single microSD card slot, we need to create a partition so that both the operating system can be accommodated independently on a single memory card, because at present if you want to have Windows 7 operating system in NAND and Android OS in the SD card then you will have to choose from two options, (i). Either swap the SD cards or (ii). Partition the SD card as mentioned in the procedure below.  Please note that, we will be discussing the safe and tested IMO partition creation on your current SD card than going with the 1st method, which will ruin the Android laden SD card.

Basically the Windows Phone 7 uses a special format of extensions which are loaded in the SD card, so because of which users cannot simply copy the contents to the Android based devices and also most importantly Windows 7 operating system works on different file system like FAT32 partition of around 200 MB which is not much of a size and can be easily accommodated on your current SD card.  Please note that we haven’t developed this method, it’s just bought from some complex forum which is presented in a simple to understand language so that people like you and others can understand and implement easily.

Things which you will need in the due course of the process are 2 SD cards and SD card partition software which you need to download from computer. The two SD cards should be preferably 8GB and 16 GB so that a larger can handle Android and a smaller one for Windows 7 operating system.

Procedure to Partition SD card to Run Android and Windows Phone 7 operating system:

  • From the above link which is provided, you need to download and install the partition manager tool which is nothing but the Easeus Partition Manager.
  • Now, first insert your small SD card into your phone, Flash WP7 Rom using Magldr 1.1.2. Let the phone reset and start Windows Phone 7. This will now allow the Windows 7 system to format your smaller SD card with its partition capabilities.
  • Now, just turn off your mobile device and remove the smaller Memory card which you have inserted.
  • Now, Plug in both the SD Cards in the memory card reader and connect the same with your computer.
  • After this you need to start Easeus Partition Manager software tool which you have downloaded from the above link and installed the same. After opening this software tool, you will be able to see both smaller and larger SD cards memory pattern on the screen. You will find that in the smaller SD card there will be 2 partitions. A FAT 16 partition of 200 MB and another partition which will be termed as un formatted which takes up the rest of the smaller SD card size. Please note that here, the Unformatted Partition is Windows Phone7 operating system partition.
  • Now, just delete the partition of your larger SD card. For doing this, simply select the partition and right click on the delete option, though Menu option too works. After this you need to click on Apply.
  • After this you need to Copy and Resize the FAT 16 portion of the smaller SD card to your larger Memory card. All you have to do this is to simply select the partition to the smaller SD card, right click (or make use of the menu option); select copy and then just follow the onscreen wizard to copy the contents. Take the size of your larger SD card and simply subtract the size of the unformatted partition of on your smaller SD card and set this value as the resize value for the FAT 16 partition which  you are copying. In other words, if the unformatted partition is 8GB and you are setting things up on a 16GB SD card, then set the resize value to an approx. of 8 GB which is nearly half the size of the larger SD card. Lastly, Click on Apply.
  • Now, using the same procedure which you have followed above, you will have to Copy the Unformatted portion from your smaller SD card to the larger SD card and simply you need to click on Apply as followed in the earlier step.
  • Please make sure that before copying the Android build and while still in the FAT 32 partition irrespective of 32 or 64 KB sectors, you will have to use Explorer Option to explore or go to My Computer for formatting. Say, if you are using the desire Z build then you can post and setup everything in the desire Z folder.

File Partitioner

  • Now, you will have to copy the Android SD build on the FAT 32 portion and most importantly do not use the USB mass storage as it may develop some data corruption issues. Now, remove the SD card to copy the files and builds. Also, note that if you have modified the rootfs.img file where NAND_initinit.rc and then you need to copy and replace the existing rootfs.img file of the SD build, else it will not work.
  • Now, remove the larger SD Card and simply insert the same in your phone, after this simply reboot the phone and hold the RED colored END key to enter you phone in the magldr boot menu.
  • In the magldr boot menu 1.1.2, you need to make use of the Volume keys and need to go to option 9. Services and need to click on the Green colored key to select the same.
  • After this, you need to use the volume buttons and select 1. Bootsettings and click on the Green colored key to select
  • Now, using the volume buttons, select 2. Always Menu and simply click on the Green colored key to select. What this will do is, this will give you the Madldr menu on phone startup which will allow you to choose Windows Phone 7 or SD android as your boot choice, click on Green colored key to select the one.
  • Now, you will be again bought in to the magldr 1.1.2 boot menu and now again make use of volume down to go to 9. Services and click on Green colored key to select the same.
  • Use volume buttons to select 1. Bootsettings and click on Green colored key to select
  • Use volume buttons to select 3. AD SD Dir and click on the Green colored key to select, now after this simply select the folder where your SD android build is located
  • Reset your phone and enter Magldr 1.1.2 to boot into Windows Phone 7, select boot 1. Boot WPH or to boot SD android select 2. Boot SD AD by clicking on the green colored key. Loading the android version of operating system will take quite a sometime, so there’s no need to panic.

Do share with us if any problems are being faced while following the above procedure.



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