The 10 Best Features in the HTC One Android Smartphone – The Best Smartphone Yet?

HTC was seeing itself fall in the business of smartphones, as it was Samsung and its range of Galaxy smartphones powered by the Android OS taking the highest share, followed by Apple and Nokia. The company has not kept the spirits low, as they have just launched what can be called one of the best Android smartphones, with the name HTC One.

It does have the quality to threaten the various brands and the high-end smartphones, especially the simple TouchWiz UI of the Samsung Galaxy smartphones with a beautiful and more intuitive interface, and the HTC One has got a lot more to prove its worth in the market. Let’s see what are the best things about the device.

HTC One Silver


Taking inspiration from the Live Tiles of the Windows Phone OS, the interface of the HTC One is powered by the BlinkFeed feature which replaces the static and a few live icons by the personalized stream that can display news, social networking updates, photos and videos from your friends etc. The BlinkFeed feature has got large tiles on the several home screens which makes it live and a lot more interactive.

Excellent Design – Unibody & Aluminum

Frankly, although Samsung has been producing some of the best devices in the market, its’ almost the same template in them. HTC has been trying out various designs, and the engineering has been rocking with the company coming out with some great external builds all the time. After the HTC One X’s classic body, now it’s the HTC One that comes in a premium look, all packed in an aluminum unibody. It would be coming in both Silver and Black colors.

Remote Control Feature

HTC has done it better than the other smartphone manufacturers, with the built-in remote control function that opens the gates for various possibilities with the various DTH and Cable TV services. According to a few sources, the company is in deals with several operators all around the world to provide packages and help users make the use of HTC One as a remote control too for the TVs, Set-top boxes and the receivers.

1080p Display, High pixel density

The screen size of 4.7-inch looks pretty ideal for a smartphone and as always, the 5+-inch ones are the phablets which aren’t really comfortable as smartphones. And with that screen size, the 1920 x 1080 pixels of screen resolution is brilliant, as the Pixel density is 468 PPI. HTC had recently come up with the Droid DNA too, which had a 1080p display but the 5-inch display kept a lesser pixel density, though not much of a difference but technically one would take that into consideration.

Front Dual-Speakers

HTC was wisely included the speakers on the front side, and it has got two speakers, on the top and bottom of the screen and this would enable producing stereo sound without an obstruction while watching movies in landscape mode.

RAM and Storage

Except the rumors that Samsung could be coming up with a processor powered by 8 cores, there is no better processor than the one in the HTC One, as it has got a Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 Quad-core processor clocking at 1.7GHz, and it is backed by 2GB of RAM. Now comes something that is really strong for multitasking and heavy app usage.

The UltraPixel Camera

A totally new imaging technology is being brought by HTC, through the HTC One which would have the UltraPixel camera which would have 300 percent more light than that on a 13-megapixel camera, and hence the data on the image becomes a lot better. The twist in the story is that the capturing is actually done using a 4-megapixel camera, but the size of the pixels is made larger on the sensor, thus enabling users to shoot vivid photos with a very wide range of colors and density. It is powered by an advanced CMOS sensor, adding to the advantage.

1080p Video Recording With Both Cameras

It’s not just the UltraPixel camera that would do the wonders with Video recording, but even the 2.1-megapixel front camera located beside the speaker would be able to record 1080p Full HD videos, thanks to the 88-degree wide-angle lens. The rear one, that takes everyone away from the general concept of Megapixels, would be capturing videos at 1080p / 60 fps.

Wide Availability

The HTC One would come directly through 180 operators and be available in more than 80 countries, and would start shipping from March. That could be one of the big advantages over several other brands that enter the market with limited availability, thus limited buzz.

Loads of Connectivity Options

NFC, Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi, DLNA for wirelessly streaming media from the phone to a compatible TV or computer and the super-fast 4G LTE networking. The Micro-USB 2.0 (5-pin) port comes with the mobile high-definition video link (MHL) so that it would be good for both USB and HDMI connection.

A few things from HTC include the HTC Zoe, HTC BoomSound, HTC Sense TV which all are the enhancements of the features for the Camera, the dual speakers and the connectivity options.

What all we have mentioned above, is just based on the announcement done by HTC, but it could get still better after we get the hands-on with it. What do you feel is the best feature in the HTC One?

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