25+ HTC One Tips and Tricks – Hidden Options & Useful Features

We have been using the HTC One from the past two weeks and have been pretty impressed with this Smart Phone. In this video we are going to share you some of the most useful Tips & Tricks which are useful if you own this Smart Phone.

  • Hide Unused Tabs in Phone App

    The Phone app on the HTC One can sometimes make you confuse because of the five different tabs which you get. The first one being “Call History” followed by “Phone”, “Favorites”, “People” and “Groups”. Now there is a hidden option which allows you to hide those tabs which you are not going to use regularly. Tap on the Settings and you need to next tap on “Edit Tabs”, here you need to uncheck all those tabs which you don’t want to display.

    Hide Phone Tabs HTC One

  • Capture Screenshots

    On the HTC One you can capture the screenshots pretty easily and there are actually two different ways to doing that. You can perform the following two combinations at the same time and the screenshots would be captured and stored to your Phone Memory.
    1. Power Button + Home Button [Faster]
    2. Power Button + Volume Down Key [Slower]

  • Multi Tasking Switch

    If you would like to access the applications which are running in the background or if you would like to switch between the applications then there is a simple shortcut for the same. Just Double Tap on the Home button and it should show you a new window with a total of 9 applications which were recently accessed. This is a pretty useful option because there are times when you would like to access these apps and this shortcut is something which you need to remember.
    HTC One Multi Tasking Apps Switch

  • Tap Notifications Bar

    Tapping once on the top of your notifications bar would take you to the top of the page where you are on. You may be in your Applications page or your Blinkfeed app page where you are reading the content and you suddenly want to scroll to the top of the page, you just have to Tap on the top of the notifications bar. This at times is useful because sometimes while reading some content, you keep scrolling and end up to many folds down and scrolling up would take a lot of time.

  • Customizing LED Flash Notifications

    Its pretty easy to change the notifications flash on your Smart Phone. This is possible by going to the settings and changing the default settings. Tap on Settings > Display, gestures & buttons > Notification Flash option. Here you can select all the services for which you wish to Enable or Disable the notification flash service. Uncheck and you are done.

    Notification Flash HTC One Settings

  • Two Fingers Scrolling Contacts

    If you have hundreds of contacts then its generally preferable if you search / scroll content in the alphabetical order. By default if you start scrolling the contacts then its hard to find the right contacts quickly because of the long list and this is when you need to start scrolling with two fingers. You will have to use both your fingers to scroll, following which you would find the alphabets appearing which can help you in easily sorting and selecting the right contact.

  • Magnifying Glass

    Whenever you would like to either copy paste some data on your phone, then its very easy because you just have to long press and the option to select shows up. But the issue is that its hard to read what you are trying to select and that is when the option of “magnifier” comes up. Tap on the Settings > Accessibility > “Show Magnifier” > Check Yes > Tap the anchor to enlarge text in magnifier. This is enabled following which whenever you try to select some text, its magnified and easy to not only read but also select.

    HTC One Magnifier Feature Demo

  • Touch to Capture Photos

    The HTC One comes with a amazing camera which can be used to focus perfectly before you capture the objects. The best part is that when you tap on the screen you can select the object to focus and everything else in the background would get blurred. Again, that’s a feature which you would generally find on the DSLR’s camera’s and surprisingly this is available on this Phone. But if you prefer capturing photos with a tap on the screen, then you can enable that option through the Settings area in the Camera Application. Tap on Settings > Shutter Option > “Touch to Capture” > Check ON. This would enable this feature following which you can capture a photo by just tapping on the screen.

    HTC One Touch to Capture

  • Smart Volume Rockers

    Before we start discussing about them we would like to inform that these are not just the normal buttons which are useful for Increasing or Decreasing the volume and you can use them for multiple purpose hence we call them the Smart Volume Rockers. If your Phone came with the option of Flash Light / Torch Light Application then you can use this option to Increase or Decrease the Intensity. Along with that you can use the same to Increase or Decrease the Volume of your Television if you are using the Remote App.

  • Fast Boot Mode

    This is a very interesting feature which you need to enable on your Smart Phone, because its one of those options which once enabled you would be proud to show it to your friends. Its the Fast Boot mode which boots up your Smart Phone super fast. Go to Settings > Power > “Fast Boot” > Check YES. Once done, give a try and it works.
    HTC One Fast Boot Feature

  • Force Reboot

    The HTC One comes without the option to remove the battery which means that its hard to reboot the phone whenever it gets hanged. Even though this happens rarely, but in case your Phone has got stuck and you would like to reboot the phone, then the only option is Force Reboot which can be achieved by the option of a shortcut which is Pressing & Holding the Power button for 10 seconds following which it reboots the device.

  • Enabling Power Saver

    The next important tip would be enabling the power saving feature following which the battery would extend for a longer period. This would lower your CPU frequency, decrease the screen brightness, turn off the vibration feedback and also disable the Data connection when screen is off which would save up your battery and ensure you can use the device for a longer period.

    HTC One Power Saving Mode

  • Secure SMS Messages

    Generally you would like to Hide some of your SMS Messages from everyone and for this you need to download some applications from the Play Store, but in this case the HTC One comes with a option of securing your Important or Private SMS from everyone. You will have to setup a password first before using this feature. Go to Messages > General > Settings > Password > Enter Password. Once the password is set, you can move back to the main messages application screen. Long press on the Message and you would get the option to “Move to Secure Box”. In order to read them again, you need to tap on the Top left on this screen, tap on the drop down option which says “Messages” > “Secure” > following which you would be asked to enter the password and you are done.

  • Increase Burst Mode Captures

    The burst mode feature comes with 20 photos capture by default and this can be increased to 99, but the option of which is to be set up manually. You need to open up the Camera application and then tap on the settings option following which you would get a option which says “Continuous Shooting”, tap on that which would take you to another option which says “Limit to 20 frames”. Uncheck on that option and you would get the access to capture 99 photos in one go.

    HTC One Burst Shot Mode Captures HTC One Continious Shooting Settings

  • Hiding Apps

    This is a option which is sometimes useful because you may have downloaded many applications which are not useful on a day to day basis and you would like to probably hide them. That is when this option is useful. Just tap on the settings options in the applications page following which you would get the option to “Hide Apps”, tap on the same and then you would be shown with a page to select all the applications which you would like to hide.

    Hide Apps HTC One Phone

  • Easy Camera Switch

    If you would like to Switch from the Back Camera to the Front Camera, you don’t have to go through the settings or tapping onto any options but just have to swipe your fingers on the screen. This is yet very simple but useful feature if you would like to quickly switch the camera’s.

  • Enable Car Mode

    This is a feature which is generally not used by most people but its one of the best feature you should be using. Generally when you drive your car and would like to access some of the basic features of your phone, then its hard to scroll down the right content and also access those applications. This is when the Car Mode comes in use, because its going to show you the options which you generally use while driving in a better display, which is not only easy to reach and select but also shown in larger font. This means that you get the Navigation, Dialer, Music & Speak features / apps in a different UI which are easy to use while driving.

    HTC One Car Mode App HTC One Car Mode Navigation Feature

Hope you have found all the above tips useful and if you think we missed any, let us know in the comments section and we would be glad to share them with our readers.

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