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HTC One X 8MP Camera Review – Multiple Shots, Effects and 1080p Video Recording

The HTC One X camera poses a tidy camera of 8-Megapixel sensor on the rear side but what sets it apart from the others in the similar league is the features of image capturing and video recording. Taking the advantage of the quad core processor, the camera clicks several photos within a second and you get an option to select the best shot of all the ones captured, and once you select the best shot, all the other captured images on that course of the second. Check out the HTC One X Review.

HTC One X Camera  HTC One X Camera Capture

When the camera is being called so advantageous, HTC should have included a dedicated camera button on the side, but anyways that’s not something people would really miss because a simple home screen shortcut would be enough for the 2-click reach to the camera function.
The picture quality is excellent, with some good depth on each captured picture and along with that, you aren’t wasting time in capturing multiple pictures one after the other, as the same would take no more than a couple seconds.

HTC One X Camera app

The camera has got different scene modes, which include the Auto, HDR, Panorama and Portrait modes where the name HDR is more of a sake of the name but not the function, because what you expect while taking pictures in the HDR mode is lot more than what you get. The HDR photo processing did take time in the Apple iPhone, and the same is seen here but the difference is that the quad-core processor of the One X isn’t able to take up the load and while processing, the stability in the captured image is lost.

HTC One X Camera Capture quality  HTC One X Camera Capture quality full 8MP

HTC One X Camera Zooming:

The zooming does reduce the quality of pictures but they aren’t totally ugly on the highest possible zoom on the phone. But along with the increasing levels of zoom, the stability of the hand is needed and here is the situation where the dedicated camera key is very much required but is absent. Zooming to the 3x produces quite an appreciable quality where all the details are not proper but still you could use this level for something like a replacement for a low-grade binocular glass. But for the zooming levels higher than this, the quality is not that good and you would see a total blur but we do appreciate HTC for providing so much depth in zooming, as the quality depends on the surrounding conditions.

HTC One X Camera Zoom levels - Normal  HTC One X Camera Zoom levels - 2x

HTC One X Camera Zoom levels - 3x  HTC One X Camera Zoom levels - 4x

HTC One X Camera options:

The options for the picture capturing can change the way you capture an object. These include the Image resolution setting between 8MP, 5MP, 3MP, 1MP and the small resolution, HD video recording quality setting, the review duration, the image adjustments, face detection, Auto smile capture, Widescreen resolution, Geotagging of pictures etc.

HTC One X camera options  HTC One X camera options 2

Video recording at 1080p HD quality, and the autofocus does play a big part in making standard and well focused videos that show up well on the larger screens. The full HD recording happens at 30 frames per second, and the video capture comes with the options such as video stabilization, recording with audio, stereo recording etc.
While the video captured using the One X rear camera was very neat, it can’t beat the one captured by the Galaxy devices such as the Note, and the 12MP camera of the Sony Xperia S.

The front camera with a 1.3 Megapixel sensor does hold a good quality and it is capable of taking videos at 720p quality. It works neatly when you are trying to make video calls through the direct 3G calling, the Google talk app or Skype.

Testing the normal capture from the HTC One X camera with and without the Flash:

HTC One X Camera Capture without flash  HTC One X Camera Capture with flash

HTC One X Camera effects:

The camera has various effects internally and each of them would produce some excellent (forget Instagram now!) shot that includes some of them that the Photo Booth in the Macbooks have. Here are a few captured pictures:

HTC One X Camera Capture Distortion effect

The Distortion effect in the camera of the HTC One X

HTC One X Camera Capture Vignette effect

The Vignette effect in the camera of the HTC One X

HTC One X Camera Capture Depth of Field effect

"Depth of Field" effect in the camera of the HTC One X

HTC One X Camera Capture Dots effect

Dots effect in the camera of the HTC One X

HTC One X Camera Capture grayscale effect

Grayscale effect in the camera of the HTC One X

HTC One X Camera Capture negative effect

"Negative" effect in the camera of the HTC One X

HTC One X Camera Capture sepia effect

Sepia effect in the camera of the HTC One X

HTC One X Camera Capture aqua effect

Aqua effect in the camera of the HTC One X

Multiple shots taken with the camera:

Video capture: 1080p video quality

The HTC One X camera possesses an excellent quality of video capture and that’s on both the sides, i.e. the rear camera can capture videos at 1080p HD quality and the front camera captures videos at 720p quality. There are several settings for even the video capture:

HTC One X camera video options

We’ll be posting the video review, with the video captured at different conditions, pretty soon.



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