Huawei slacked from SD Association & Wi-Fi Alliance

After all the drama going around Huawei, we have seen Microsoft removed Huawei laptops form its online stores and then Google also removed Huawei smartphones from the Android Enterprise. Now the Chinese OEM is removed from SD association and now will not be able to use MicroSD cards slots as well as MicroSD cards. As per the SD association, Huawei is removed in compliance with the US Executive order. We already know that Huawei is now offered 90-Day reprieve to settle its business with the US companies. 

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After getting removed from SD association, Huawei phones will not be able to used MicroSD card slots while the current Honor as well as Huawei phone won’t be affected. Recently we have seen Huawei introduced its own NM card option on its Huawei Mate 20 series which is the Nano-Memory card which is smaller than the MicroSD card that looks similar to the traditional microSD cards. This NM card is supported only the latest flagship phone from Huawei and in furture, we can expect it to be used by all range of Huawei phones.

From now on, Huawei will be making NM card as their standard feature for all its upcoming smartphones and make their own cards. Furthermore, we know that Huawei has been suspended from JEDEC that looks after the RAM and flash storage standards and the US-based Broadcomm that supplies Wi-Fi chips to Huawei has stopped its business with Huawei in compliance with Trumps Executive order. 

Huawei might need to source its Wi-Fi chips from other companies or might have to make its own Wi-Fi chips instead. It is really going to be a tough period for Huawei after all these since they are going to loose accesses to most of the major tech companies and they have to make their own which might take a lot of time. Stay tuned to Android Advices for more similar news and updates and comment in the section below if you have more queries. 


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