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How to Get Ice Cream Sandwich Features on your Android Phone

With the launch of Samsung Galaxy Nexus, the Google phone, it was the birth of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, an update to their existing Android operating system. It brings the most awaited Android update we have a big list of enhancements and improvements added with Ice Cream Sandwich. Though the Ice Cream Sandwich update on your phone is not yet available and it could take few months when its officially arrives.

You would be interested to see many applications and tools from the developers have come to add makeovers on to your mobile phone look like the new Ice Cream Sandwich. Here are few of the apps and enhancements available on the web which can be added to your existing mobile phone –

Tip # 1 – Mobile Data Usage & Limit

The new Ice Cream Sandwich update introduces the option of “Data Usage”. When you are much worried about the carrier data usage then this utility on your Android phone is very much on to that. This feature on the Android OS allows users to set data usage cycle accordingly to warn users how much data limit they set for. The usage is noted down in day, weeks and month usage and this is must for the users who go with the limited data plans on their mobile phones.

Mobile Data Limit

Don’t worry if you are not on Ice Cream Sandwich as alternative of this to Android previous versions can be found. The data usage and limitations can be set on any of the Android mobile phone using the application named ‘3G Watchdog’ which is a free app and the paid app for it is named as ‘3G Watchdog Pro’ available at a price of $ 4.

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