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Increase Android Phones battery with Power Control Widget

android logoAll of us love saving battery of our phone and if all this can be done with just one widget and one application on your Android device then why not? Actually there are many ways to save the battery for longer use but most of us don’t like tips which are either not practical or very difficult to adapt those tips. So, just 2 tips and you are don with the efficient power saving techniques for your Android device.

  • First part will be activating the widget and download the app while the second part will be an explanation on how to use both of them to increase your Android battery life.
  • So, firstly you need to long tap on any one of your Android home screens. For simplicity, you can prefer tapping on the ‘main’ screen itself. Note that since the widget will require an entire ‘row’, its recommended to Select Android widgets from the pop-up menu.

Add to Home Screen

  • Now, Scroll down to Power Control and select the same as shown in the below snapshot.

Choose Widget

  • Now, a long rectangular widget with 5 ‘buttons’ will appear on your Android home screen as shown in the below snapshot.

Home screen buttons

  • If you have a QR Code Reader on your Android phone, then it’s time to use the QR code reader below to launch the Android market Place and scan the below QR Code. Or else alternatively, you can also open the Market app on your Android phone and search for the phrase any cut. As soon as you hit on search you will find the any cut application right on the screen.

QR Code

  • Now, you will have to make sure that you select Any Cut 2 by taMMiz and not any other application from the Android Market Place.

Any Cut App in market

  • Now, Once again return to your Android home screen and long tap till you see the option Add to Home screen option on the display. Now, you need to select Shortcuts option.

Shortcuts in Home Screen

  • Now tap on Any Cut shortcut as shown in the below snapshot.

Select Shortcut

  • Now tap on Activity and then scroll down and then select Battery manager out of the long list of application as shown below.

choose activity

  • Now, you will be prompted to name your shortcut. The default is the name of the ‘activity’ – in this case its mentioned as Battery as shown below after modification of the same and then after renaming, tap on Ok.

Edit Shortcut

  • Now you should see a new Shortcut on your home screen. Again, ignore it for now – just make sure it’s there. Also, it is very useful in keeping both the shortcuts Power Control and Battery together.

Home Screen

  • Now, here we start the procedure, after downloading and installing the apps on your Android device, its time to use the same.The power control widget which is comprising of 5 buttons that can toggle services on and off. From left to right, those services are Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, Data and Display Brightness. Each of these 5 services are responsible for huge battery drain. What Power control widget lets you do is to turn off these services when you don’t need any of them. Until you are not using Wi Fi service, its recommended to turn off the Wi Fi or else the continuous drain of battery takes place. Likewise, if you don’t want GPS then you can simply turn off the same from the Power control widget. If there is a green line at the bottom of the widget icon then it means that the service is currently ON and if the light is not there then that means that the service os off. It is always better to turn off things which you don’t want to use from the Power Control widget.

Battery Manager

  • Now tap your newly created Battery home screen shortcut and then you will be directly taken to the Android Battery manager. The battery manager takes out or brings into the light many of the buried Android settings with which you can further optimize your battery life be elongating the same. Just tap on the battery icon to get started.
  • Now a list of exactly what has been using your battery the most. Now as shown in the below snapshot, you can see that a list of services and the battery consumption is listed below.

List of services

  • Now that you know that it’s the display that has been using the most battery power, you can use the Power Control widget to adjust the brightness of the display to automatic. The brighter your screen, the more battery will be draining faster. Turning the brightness display “off” doesn’t really turn the display off – it sets your Android screen to the very lowest possible brightness setting. The brightness display button in the Power Control widget also has several pre-sets. Tap the button to cycle through them.

Power control widget

If you’re a Social networking addict and update constantly, you’ll probably find that your Twitter or facebook app is one of the bigger battery-drainers. It is always better to set the refresh the list after say 10-15 minutes or instead you can set the refresh rate manually so that frequent refresh doesn’t take place and hence which will save the battery.

Learning which applications and services which use battery the most – and having an easy way to quickly enable/disable them is the best way to extend the battery life of your Android device. If you notice that one of your home screen widgets is using a lot of your battery power like live weather or some live updates then you can turn off the same to save further battery life of the Android device.



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