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How to Increase the Battery life of Samsung Galaxy R I9103 Mobile

Changes made, upgrading done and Samsung came out with a better specs phone for the price of what Galaxy S is coming right now, as the Samsung Galaxy R was into the market with the design similar to the Galaxy S II, but a few specs similar to the Galaxy S. But although the screen size is changed, the phone has got a flash for the camera, and the processor is changed, we don’t see a very different battery, with it being a 1650 mAh one compared to the 1500 mAh battery in the Galaxy S.

Though basic ones, here are a few steps that would be helping in saving the battery life of the Galaxy R –

Brightness level management – Brightness levels should be set according to the usage and the brightness conditions around you. When under the sun, you would surely need a high brightness to reflect but the same brightness in a dark condition does nothing else but eats up the battery, so setting a low brightness there would be a wise option to save the battery. Setting the brightness to automatic changing is also another option, but we would suggest not to use it always, as the light sensor doesn’t run without using the battery.

android brightness level management

Connectivity – Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth and Data Network are all the connectivity options which use a lot of battery when they are toggled on continuously. GPS and Data Network (especially the 3G) are the main connections which keep draining the battery. When you have an option between 3G and Wi-Fi, try to take the advantage of the Wi-Fi because the usage with that can give a few hours of usage but not the 3G/EDGE network.
When a good network is not available around, its the best to switch the Data network off, or else switch to flight mode when there is no call network too, because the phone continuously tries to connect to the network and this uses the battery.
When you are trying to browse a few websites which do not need a high-speed network, switching to the 2G network instead of the 3G would be a good battery saver.

Background Data/Sync – The background data pulling and syncing would always require the phone to be connected to the network through one or the other ways, and this would be one of the biggest battery drainers. Turn it off and see the change.

Wallpaper – Simple, dark is the best – We fancy the phones with the best, when they are supposed to deliver the best with their large and bright screens. But when we have options, its better to have a dark and static wallpaper instead of a bright live wallpaper which would drain the battery. You may use the live wallpapers when you want to boast around for some time, but for long-term battery saving, the static wallpaper usage is the best.

Take the advantage of Power Saving Mode – Power saving mode is one setting available in the Galaxy R, using which you can make changes to the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, Sync, Brightness and the Screen Timeout options. You can do all the power saving mode options either manually or set a level of battery where the power saving mode can be activated automatically. Go to Settings and you would see a section named “Power Saving Mode”.

android power saving mode

Haptic feedback – There is a haptic feedback that is produced for the touch on the sensitive keys, i.e. the menu and back key. The same feedback is given for the touch on the screen. It takes the vibration from the vibrator in the phone, and thus the rotation uses the battery. You need to turn the haptic feedback off, by going to Settings > Sound > and in that, you would see a Haptic feedback option under the “Feedback” section.

Lesser homescreens and widgets – Having multiple home screens and loads of widgets in them would make the navigation easier, and the phone a lot geeky. But the same would use quite a lot of RAM always as most of the widgets work live, i.e. the weather widget, the social networking widgets etc. It is better to turn off such widgets as they do nothing else than drain the battery.

Here is the video to sum it up –

With all the steps shared above, I won’t suggest to use all the tricks because following all of them would do nothing but make the phone a very simple one, and there would be no point in buying such an high-end phone, so only for the longer lasting of the battery life, its the best to keep the power saving mode activated once the battery levels reach 50%, and along with that having the brightness, connectivity settings set to help the battery perform better. Here is a tutorial on how to root Samsung Galaxy R.

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