{Comparison} iPad mini 3 Vs Nexus 9 – Which one you should buy?

Nexus 9 or iPad mini 3, are you are confused on which one to buy? So let’s check out on which one will be the best and value for money. We will be checking out the 5 core things which are very important for creating a rich and engaging experience. It’s just almost couple of days that Apple and Google both have released the iPad mini 3 and the Nexus 9 android tablets of 2014. While the latest iPad mini 3 comes with the latest iOS 8.1, Google’s Nexus 9 comes with the Android 5.0 Lollipop release.

iPad mini 3 Nexus 9

While iPad Mini 3 comes with the 1.3GHz Apple A7 64-bit processor, Nexus 9 comes with the powerful 2.3GHz Nvidia Tegra K1 64-bit processor. While Apple’s processor may look at the lower side on paper, When it comes to RAM, Nexus 9 comes with the 2GB of RAM while iPad mini 3 comes with the 1GB RAM. Higher the RAM means that user can operate many apps at a time which is quite possible in iPad mini 3.

While Nexus 9 spots the 8MP of camera at the back, iPad Mini 3 comes with the 5MP of camera. Must say that camera from Apple is comparatively better as all thanks to the next gen optics which Apple uses as Camera quality is not just based on the mega pixels.

While Nexus 9 comes with the slightly larger display when compared with the iPad mini 3 which has got 7.9 inches, both the devices come with the resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels. But when it comes to pixels per inch (ppi), iPad mini 3 comes with the 324 while Nexus 9 comes with 287. The only thing which needs to be checked will be the color re production as iPad retina displays tend to come with better color reproduction capability which makes all video/ image content as near real.

With “Project Volta”, Android Lollipop will look to further optimize the battery consumption in Nexus 9 which comes with the 9.5 hours of battery life. iPad mini claims to come up with the battery life of up to 10 hours. If we compare with the perceptions which we had till date, iDevices are known to offer more battery life than the likes of droids due to many things like OS optimization and stringent policies for app approvals which makes sure about the battery consumption etc.

Nexus 9 Wi-Fi only model with 16GB variant costs $399 and with 32GB of storage for $479, an LTE model will be available at a later date for $599. iPad mini 3 comes with the price tag of $399/$499/$599 for 16/64/128GB variant for WiFi only version. WiFi + LTE version of iPad mini 3 costs 529/$629/$729 for 16/64/128GB variant.

Do let us know in the comments section about your views on iPad mini 3 and Nexus 9 as we feel that you should buy Nexus 9 knowing the fact that it offers more value than the iDevice due to several reasons which we saw above.



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