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Android is the most successful mobile platform at the moment because of the ability of the open platform which allows every developer freedom to develop apps. But iPhone even with all the restrictions is one platform due to the quality of iPhone from Apple which makes the user interface one to drool on. With all the benefits from android which allows you to edit and make your phone into a completely new platform in every aspect like camera apps, user interface, home screen, keyboard etc we are now discussing about Photo Gallery apps in Android.

iGallery AppOut of all the apps which we have tried i never felt anything could get close to the iPhone custom Photos Gallery interface and the look. But alas i had an Android phone with way better apps and tweaks which are way too much to sacrifice for just a better looking photos Gallery.
But we recently came across an app which mimics the iPhone Gallery named as – iGallery which will bring your much loved iPhone gallery app to your Android Smartphone.

iGallery app mimics all the features and user interface of the iPhone photos gallery and brings it to your Android phone. With the app in its early stages of development we can find many flaws in every aspect of the app including the spelling mistakes. The developer says all the mistakes will be dealt with in the second upgrade including Picasa integration and compatibility with Jelly bean.

iGallery App has the following features

  • Options to adjust the size of the pictures and Video Screen.
  • Options to help you choose on how to sort order your pictures and Videos
  • Option which lets you get a confirmation pop up before deleting a picture or video
  • Option to edit the way Slideshow looks, with the number of images we can see the transition time and type and how much of each image is seen can also be decided.

iGallery Albums

Hot to Install iGallery App in Android

  • Go to Settings in your android Smartphone.
  • Then go into Applications.
  • Now you have to download the APK file of the iGallery App.
  • Download from this here: Link 1 | Link 2
  • Now you will be getting the option to install the app which should be approved and install the app and enjoy the awesome Gallery like iPhone in your Android mobile phone.

I would suggest you to wait for the 2.0 version of the app and install it which will give you better options and correct all the above mentioned mistakes from the app interface. The only problem as of now with this application is that it is not available through the Google Play Store, and you need to download the APK file separately from a 3rd party website and install it. But that little work and knowledge is must when you want something that functions better than what comes by default.

The next version of the app would be probably getting in the support of Google Picasa, and it would be made compatible to work with the Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean versions of the Android OS. Along with that, there would be a support for various themes to give a brushed look.

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