20+ LG G2 Tips & Tricks – Hidden Options, Useful Features

The LG G2 is one of the best Android smartphones of the year 2013, and why not, it does have a lot of potential against the other smartphones in the current Android smartphone market, but are you making the most out of it, or just using it as any other device? Here are a few tips and tricks of LG G2 using which you can enhance the user experience and make it a more personalized device for your usage.

LG G2 Tips and Tricks

Change App Icon – Size or Picture

There are a few features which are limited to just the LG devices. This is one of them, where you can change the icon for the app, and changing here means – changing the size, the actual icon picture by selecting from the given icons or selecting one from your own gallery.

LG G2 Icon Size Change

On the home screen, tap and hold on the app icon and then let go. It would show a bluish option on the top right of the icon which would stay for a couple of seconds. Press on that to see the options opened for the particular icon.

You’ll see the option to expand the icon, or change it as given in the screenshots below.

LG G2 Icon Change

Knock On – Tap the screen to wake it up

This is again one of the best ways LG has given for those who didn’t like the back button placement, especially when the phone is placed on a table and they have to lift the phone to press the power button. Just tap the screen twice gently so that the screen wakes up and you can then unlock it. That isn’t limited to unlocking, because you can use the same tips to lock the screen by tapping twice on any empty area or the notification bar on the top.

LG G2 KnockOn

To change the settings, you can go to Settings > General > Gestures > Knockon and toggle it on / off.

Change chat bubbles / theme in Messaging

The messaging app in most of the Android smartphones is the standard one, with the regular chat bubbles, but in LG G2, you can personalize it and use one of the several themes and bubbles that are given by LG, or you can go to an extent where the theme can be uploaded by you and changed.

Go to Messaging app > Menu > Settings > Conversation theme and here, you will see the option to change both “Wallpaper” and “Bubble” where the background as well as the chat bubbles are changed into different ones based on your preference. The wallpaper can be something that is captured using your camera, or you can choose one from the Gallery.

LG G2 Messaging Theme

QSlide – Using the apps in small windows

The QSlide is a feature where you would be able to open multiple apps on the same screen, in small windows and this is the best for multitasking, although the actual multitasking is different from this. The QSlide is seen as the second option when you drag down the notification panel. Selecting that would open a list of QSlide apps just below the settings in the panel, and you can open any of the apps from there.

LG G2 QSlide

Changing the apps and order of them is possible by going to the Edit option in the end of the QSlide. Also, you can change the transparency of the app window with the slider given on each app when you open it. This would help in doing stuff when you have to check what’s on the background.

LG G2 QSlide Edit

Slide Aside – Multitask Always

This is not the multitasking that you see as the default one in the Android phones, because in the Slide Aside, you can store up to three apps for an unlimited time, unlike the standard multitasking where you see the apps disappear when the latest ones replace them.

In Slide Aside, you need to swipe three fingers to the left when on an app page, so that the particular app page gets saved. You can do that with three apps, and the preview looks excellent, showing you the three saved apps one of which you can open any time. You may press the X button to remove the app if you wanted to have any other app in the Slide Aside multitasking.

LG G2 Slide Aside

Guest Mode in LG G2

There’s a very good Guest Mode feature which would limit the usage and the apps when you are giving the phone to someone who you feel, should not be able to check your personal details, messages, call logs etc. The Guest Mode would allow you to set the apps which you prefer to show to the guest, and for that you will have to first set the pattern lock. Go to Settings > Display > Lock screen and pick the pattern unlock and set that one for yourself.

LG G2 Lock Pattern Setup

Now, head to Settings > General > Guest Mode and you will be able to set a pattern for the guest mode, and select the apps which to show in the guest mode. It would have a very limited usage, because the person won’t be able to open even the notification panel, and only the apps which you allowed would be shown on the screen.

LG G2 Guest Mode Setup

Use LG G2 as Remote Control

The G2 can act as a universal remote control, and it isn’t limited to just the TVs but you can use your smartphone for various stuff which includes – Set-top box, Audio player, DVD player, Blu-ray disc player, Air conditioner, Projector and the smartphone can act as a Universal remote.

LG G2 QuickRemote

Just click on the Plus icon on the right top and it would take you to the options to select from, i.e. the type of remote. For example, if you add Set-top box, it would take you to the brands of the STB or the brand which is providing you the DTH connection. There would be a series of tests to be done, and only if is working correctly, you can proceed and it would get saved under the various places such as office, bedroom, living room etc. so that you can use it easily later on.

LG G2 QuickRemote Settings

You can choose to Auto display the QuickRemote at home, as soon as it locates that you have reached home, and you can toggle between the sound and vibrate settings when you press any remote button.

Quick ways to capture Screenshot

Although the different button placement, the LG G2 would allow you to capture the screenshots in different ways, and that won’t take any extra time, because you are seeing the keys closer to easily press them. One of the ways is to just press the Power and Volume down button together, and it would do the needful.

The other way is to use the QuickMemo feature, which not just captures the screenshot but also gives you a quick way to edit and add any text to the screenshot if you wanted to do so. There are two ways to open the QuickMemo:
1. From the notification panel – the first option there is the quickmemo, which has to be opened from the actual screen where you wanted to capture the screen
2. From the home button – Pull the home button upwards from the bottom to quickly open three options, the right one in them being the one for quickmemo, which does the same job.

LG G2 QuickMemo

Capture Full frame pictures with camera

If you are one of those who would capture the photos mainly to view from the smartphone screen itself, then you should have the wide view captures rather than the 4:3 aspect ratio ones which give a black bar on the either side of the image, because of the fixed ratio. The default one set is 13-megapixel which comes in the 16:9 ratio and thus you see the black bars on the left and right when seen in the landscape mode, and the option you need to select here is the 10-megapixel one which gives the aspect ratio that fills the entire screen.

LG G2 Wide Photos Camera

Swipe to Delete / Share Photos

The Gallery app in the LG G2 although has the standard options to share or deleting the photos, does an even better job for those who wanted to check each photo individually and then decide what to do with it. When swiping between the different photos, you just need to pinch the photo a little to show the options such as swipe up to delete and swipe down to share. Based on what you want to do, swipe it.

LG G2 Gallery Swipe Options

Quick Actions with Back Buttons

The back buttons aren’t just for a single purpose, i.e. you can surely increase or decrease the volume of the smartphone with the Up and Down keys on the back panel of the G2, but a bit more can be done along with it. When the screen is turned off, if you press the Volume up button for a couple seconds, it would activate the Quickmemo if you wanted to jot down any notes. Similarly, if the Volume down button is pressed for a couple seconds, it would activate the camera without you having to activate the screen.

Change Front Bottom Touch Buttons

The touch buttons in the front bottom are not the capacitive fixed ones, because these are the system buttons which can be manipulated and changed, from the options given in the settings. Go to Settings > Display > Front touch buttons and see the different options available for the front buttons. There are bars which include even the Notification panel button and the quickmemo app.

LG G2 Front Touch Buttons

Smart Screen – Keeps screen active if you are facing it

The smart screen feature is something similar to what you might have seen in the Galaxy S4 from Samsung. The thing that is done in this, is that the front camera of the LG G2 would check whether you are looking at the screen, and if yes, it would not allow the screen to turn off automatically on the normal screen timeout time that you have set. To activate that, you need to go to Settings > Display > Smart On > Smart screen.

LG G2 Smart Screen

Plug & Play options for Earphone

Whenever you plug a 3.5mm pin in the headphone jack, normally the phones don’t respond to it although the headphone works. In the LG G2, you can select a set of apps whose icons would show up for you to easily access them, and most of the times it would be one of those apps which you would have opened normally when you use the headphones. To set up the list of apps which are to be shown, go to Settings > General > Accessory > Earphone.

LG G2 Earphone Options

Dual Camera – Showing yourself while capturing others

Again one of the features which is nothing new in the high-end smartphones, but a very useful one when you are missing yourself while capturing your family in a photo. The Dual camera mode shows a small box with the front camera while most of the screen in the camera app is still filled by the objects from the back camera. With the Dual camera, you can:

  • Drag to move the small screen
  • Touch and hold to resize the small screen
  • Tap small screen to swap the screen

Swiping from bottom in the camera with dual camera mode would show the various shapes for the small screen – Window, Stamp, Oval blur, Instant, Heart shape, Star shape, Fish eye, Split view.

Capture Plus – How to capture screenshot of full web page

Capturing screenshot, as we said above, has a few different ways but that would be only for the current screen and nothing that can be scrolled down or up. While browsing through the web browser in the LG G2, you would find a feature called Capture Plus, in the menu. That is what would capture the entire page from top to bottom, and save that to the gallery.

LG G2 Capture Plus

Setting up a Default home screen

There are multiple home screens in the interface, which has been a case with most of the Android smartphones, but when you have to make it look neat and organized, don’t keep shifting between the home screens by yourself, as you can take advantage of the default home screen option. Set one of the home screens as default by pinching on the home screen and then selecting the option “Set default Home screen”, and then tap the home screen which you wanted to set as the default one.

LG G2 Default Home screen

Quick Check and Uninstall Apps

Just like in the iOS devices, you can uninstall the apps directly by just a couple touches from the app pages. On the app drawer page, you just need to touch the Wrench icon on the top right, which would show the X option beside every app which you can uninstall. Clicking on the one which you want to uninstall, the information about the app is shown, and the option to uninstall it. And the deletion of the app is pretty quick, with a trash sound confirming that the app is gone.

LG G2 Quick Uninstall App

Set up Battery Saver Mode on Low Battery

The battery saving mode is again one of the standard options provided in most of the smartphones, as the brands know how fast the battery gets drained when you are using it at ease. At a certain battery percentage, the battery saver mode, when activated, would automate a lot of stuff and keep your phone on mainly for calling and messaging, as most of the other stuff is hibernated. To activate the battery saver mode, you need to go to Settings > General > Battery > Battery Saver.

LG G2 Battery Saver

Change the Font and Size of Text

Personalization getting even better. Above we did share how you can change the messaging apps’ background and chat bubbles, and now here’s how you can change the text font and the size to a few limited options, but they would do quite a good job. Go to Settings > Display > Font where you would see the options for changing both – font type and size.

LG G2 Fonts

There is quite a lot more you can do with the LG G2, and we would be sharing more of such tips and tricks for this smartphone very soon. Keep subscribed, and do check out the tips section for such guides for the other Android smartphones as well.

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