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LG G Pro 2 Phone (LTE Variant) Photo Gallery

The LG G Pro 2 took the inspiration of the surface from its predecessor Optimus G Pro, while the other design aspects were inspired from the LG G2. We got the LTE variant of the G Pro 2, and this neatly designed device has all the buttons on the rear side, below the camera. The ports are on the side panels, and the color of the phone we got is Titan, while the other color options available are White, Silver, Burgundy and Red.

Check the photo gallery below, followed by the specifications and the details of the phablet from LG, which made its entry into the market early this year.

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LG G Pro 2 Photo Screen

LG G Pro 2 Photo Back

LG G Pro 2 Photo Back Bottom

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LG G Pro 2 Photo Bottom

LG G Pro 2 Photo Camera

LG G Pro 2 Photo Front Bottom

LG G Pro 2 Photo Front Camera

LG G Pro 2 Photo Front screen

LG G Pro 2 Photo Front Top Screen

LG G Pro 2 Photo Left

LG G Pro 2 Photo Right

LG G Pro 2 Photo Screen Bottom

LG G Pro 2 Photo Top


The G Pro 2 comes with the beautiful design and a very beautiful 5.9-inch display, and I might be one of those always arguing about the placement of the buttons on the back panel, but LG has retained that design from the LG G2, and this actually, doesn’t look bad at all for the huge screen as you now get an access to the buttons easily.

The phablet is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor and there is 3GB RAM supporting it, while the internal storage is 16GB while you can easily pop-in a MicroSD card for the storage expansion. The LG’s interface looks pretty cool and there are a lot of enhancements from the previous version, thanks to the Android 4.4.2 KitKat OS. Check out the LG G Pro 2 camera samples to check out how good the 13MP camera with the OIS+ is, and this coming with the 4K recording is an added advantage.

You know why the screen looks so good? it’s the wallpapers. You could download the LG G Pro2 wallpapers if you wanted to have them on your phone screen and make it look better.

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