Download Microsoft Bing App for Android – Gets a Facelift with better Navigation, Search and More

Microsoft and Google are no where related but the former doesn’t stop from attempting in bringing out stuff that even the Google Android users might love. The Bing App for Android from Microsoft has got a major update and they have come up with a far more beautiful design for the app, and it looks quite similar to the desktop website version of Bing.

The app isn’t limited to only search, because the Bing App has got different sections, where you can directly check for the weather conditions, search with voice, connect with your Microsoft and Facebook accounts and enhance the user experience and also, use it as a widget just like the Google search widget where the voice search can be done. The integrated browser which doesn’t look any different than the Internet Explorer, would open the Bing Maps for you to search for locations and directions.

Bing Android App 1 Bing Android App Menu Bing Android App Dock Bing Android App Photo Details

The popular section has the bing trends where the daily images and the other trending topics in the search and news are being flown around. Weather is just the direct search for the particular location, but you can set it to show the weather for your current location. There are a lot of settings, where you can opt to use the Private mode, and the searches won’t be saved for your account or in the device, and the search results can be set to open in the system browser if you set it that way.

Bing Android App Settings Bing Android App Settings Bing Android App Wallpaper

If it was just the search, then Bing wouldn’t have received any appreciation, but here it is a module with different features. Facebook connection would let you share the results, photos and content from the Bing app to your Facebook account directly. You can even take snapshots of the search pages and these would be stored directly in the Skydrive account of yours. We also liked the daily image on the app which you can directly use as a wallpaper for your smartphone, thus the search for a perfect wallpaper ends.

Bing Android App Popular Bing Android App Search Bing Android App Weather

The Metro interface that we see in the Windows Phone and Windows 8 OS, is quite a bit replicated here and it does look very neat. Although one might argue whether there is a need to use a separate search engine when Google is doing its job in every Android device around, this app is well worth a try, if you stop thinking about the makers.

It’s a free app and you can install it from the Play Store: Link

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