MoboMarket Lite Review – Perfect Alternative to Google Play Store for Android

The Google Play Store might be quite enough for many to use, but you need to realize that not every Android smartphone has the Play store and most of the time, this store doesn’t serve the purpose and people would look for an alternative, and that is where the MoboMarket comes into the scene. The MoboMarket Lite is a pretty simple and very easy to use alternative to the Play Store, and could become a primary App store for your Android smartphone.

Getting into the details, the MoboMarket is something that would give you an easy interface with the various apps listed in list view, and you would be able to see the apps under Featured, Must Have, Hot and the Latest app categories, and there are some excellent apps to check out and download if you are looking for something which was once your favorite, but now not a part of the Google Play Store. Yes I’m talking about the apps like Flappy Bird and others which are not available on the Play Store now, but through the MoboMarket app, it’s simply all available there.

MoboMarket Lite MoboMarket Lite MoboMarket Lite

The featured apps list would show some of the featured apps on the top with huge icons, but scrolling down would expose a lot of other featured ones, and we did like the ones listed there because a few apps which we could see include MX Player, Antivirus apps, Adobe AIR, Skype etc. and the games are listed separately so the user doesn’t really have to go through the big lists if they wanted to download some interesting games.

MoboMarket Lite 4 MoboMarket Lite 5 MoboMarket Lite 6

The games in MoboMarket Lite are listed based on the rankings, and again under that, you see them based on the time, languages, categories of the games and the trending games. Searching for the app with a keyword would list the apps which come with the combined ratings and number of downloads to give the most relevant apps in the list. The settings section really doesn’t have much in it, but the details are quite enough for the user to understand how advantageous the MoboMarket app would be – especially with the Internal and SD card storage available.

The same section would show the number of apps which are updatable and the ones which are downloaded and installed. The updatable app count would even be shown in the notification panel on timely basis, and you can just swipe if you wished to download and update the apps later. There you go, no hassle of automatic update when you are on slow networks.

MoboMarket Lite 7 MoboMarket Lite 8 MoboMarket Lite 9

When you click on the app, the details page is quite good on detailing everything in an organized way, where the version, number of downloads, ratings and the language of the app stays above the screenshots, and this is followed by the description and comments on the app. In the bottom, you would get to see the download option. Another good thing about the MoboMarket Lite is that you can pause any app download and resume it later, rather than canceling it if at all you feel there’s no proper speed to download the app right away.

MoboMarket Lite 10 MoboMarket Lite 11 MoboMarket Lite 12

The app even has the themes and wallpapers, if you are someone who is using the Mobo Live Launcher in your Android device, so you won’t have to browse around searching for some neat looking options.

MoboMarket Lite 13 MoboMarket Lite More

Couple of other things to notice about this app, include:

  • Apps based on Interest – There would be apps suggested by the market, based on the interest of the user and the other apps installed in the phone
  • Daily updated list of the best and trending apps in the market

Overall, this MoboMarket Lite is as the name suggests, a very light app which does more than what you expect – provide you a platform to search and download apps in an easier way with options like bulk installation, pausing the download and more. For the users who always had an issue with the Play Store for reasons including the Google account, auto updates over Wi-Fi (which can be turned off though) or anything other than this, the MoboMarket Lite is a perfect alternative for that. It is available for free on the Google Play Store, and the size of just 1.9MB doesn’t hurt your device much.

Download MoboMarket Lite for Android: Play Store Link



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