Monitor & Record Activities on Android with System Tuner Pro App

After coming out with plethora of articles on best business applications, music applications until now we have gone through Android phone system manager application. Yes, we are talking about the System Tuner Pro, the paid Android application available at Google Play Store. There are dozens of Android applications which can manage your Android phone but no other application is as good as System Tuner Pro.

System Tuner Pro App

System Tuner Pro is the most advanced Android tuner and the manager for all your phones and tablets PCs. It’s a multi tool according to the developers which can manage various advanced actions on your device. The following are the stuffs which you can perform on System Tuner Pro –

  • Task Manager
  • Extended Task Manager
  • Application Manager
  • Activity Manager
  • Activity Recorder
  • Logcat Reader
  • Terminal Emulator
  • Notifications and Widgets Settings

Task Manager

This where you will find all the active apps on your device with in detailed statistics on the CPU, Memory and SD card usage. This widger will list down the time on how long they have been running and detailed overview on CPU, RAM and SD cards. You have various others as well like CPU Time, Killa All, Excluded, System and Kernel. Especially you would be interested to use the option of Kill all to kill the running Android applications which always consumes battery on your phone.

System Tuner Pro Task Manager

Startup Manager

This widget on your smartphone allows you to manage various applications on your device. This is further through sub menu containing – one click, startup app managing, user, system and backup. When you are on the Startup tab, it’s clear that you are managing your phone startup applications. Generally we are aware of what’s going on during the boot of your phone but with Android on your phone, all the applications generally are set to fetch as soon as your phone is powered ON. So if you are facing any issues of slow start of your budget friendly Android device (high end smartphones are powered with dual core and quad core processors so no need for them) then this is the right option for you to manage what you want to have during start of your phone. You can tap and remove the application for the startup system and fasten your phone.System Tuner Pro Startup

LogCat Reader

The Logcat Readers allows users to save, delete and reload logs and activity using the array of colors which creates a good overview.System Tuner Pro Logs

Terminal Emulator

This function is just similar to Windows CMD feature allowing you to enter the command lines for execution of tasks. You might need terminal emulator some or the other time and this is the right tool for it.

System Tweaker

This tab allows you to provide general information about the device and auto kill settings to adapt here.System Tuner Pro Tweak


There is much to say in settings with main screen settings, display settings, task manager, notification packages, recording preferences, auto kill, active tweaks, widget preferences and lot more.System Tuner Pro Settings

This application can be installed on device which comes with Android OS. This will require the Wi Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and phone permissions to record phone states.

System Tuner Pro Android application is available at $ 4.79. The price seems to be a bit high but seeing the list of the good functions and analyses tools that it provides this is worth a buy application. This can be directly downloaded on to your mobile phone through the official Google Play Store.

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