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Why Motorola MotoX is a Fail with Current Pricing – Compared to Galaxy S4 & iPhone 5

Motorola MotoX PhoneMotorola has finally launched the Moto X Smart Phone which can be considered as the most leaked handset of the year. After so many leaks finally we got to know that the device comes in 504 different variants and its possible to customize each unit by engraving your name onto the same. This was a interesting step from Motorola post-acquisition by Google but I think that they have failed in terms of the pricing.

After the announcement of the product, it was mentioned that the color customization options would be only available on AT&T, while the device would still be available on all the US carriers and no updates on the availability in other countries. It would be available at a price of $199 on contract which is fine because most of the Smart Phones launched are generally priced in the range of $99 to $199 under contract while atleast 2-3 times when you purchase the same off-contract. In this case Motorola has also announced that the product would be available off the contract at a price of $575 for the 16 Gb version while the 32 Gb model to be priced at $629. Now considering that this is not a top notch product from Motorola when compared with the Samsung Galaxy S4 or the iPhone 5, the pricing seems ridiculous and you can read below to know more on this.

Samsung Galaxy S4$600 Click for Price on Amazon
16 Gb Internal Storage / 5″ Super AMOLED Display / 440 PPI / 2600 maH Battery Capacity

Apple iPhone 5$694 Click for Price on Amazon
16 Gb Internal Storage / 4.5″ Retina Display / 326 PPI / 1440 maH Battery Capacity

Motorola MotoX – $575
16 Gb Internal Storage / 4.7″ AMOLED Display / 316 PPI / 2200 maH Battery Capacity


High Priced – Decent Hardware

Motorola MotoX Wooden Panel PhoneConsidering that there is not much different in the pricing when you opt for the Non-Contract unit, if you still plan to buy this unit you need to make a note that it comes with 720p HD Display unlike the 1080p HD display which is found on other flagship smart phones. The MotoX is clearly not a top end device, but a product which comes with few options which can generally be opted with third party accessories itself like the backpanels which are not that unique.

Its not a premium device like the HTC One, Galaxy S4 or the iPhone 5, but the pricing is premium which is something Motorola should work on, if they would like to get a better market share. The Nexus 4 from LG was a hit to the extent that it was not available because of the demand and this was mainly because of the competitive / discounted pricing through the play store which is not yet available in the case of MotoX.

Play Edition

There are already rumors that the device would be listed on the Play Store at a price of just $349 which would be very interesting but again the most unique features of this device would be removed if thats the case. If purchased through a carrier then it would not only come with the features but also the bloatware, while the Play Edition would just be the hardware with the Stock Android and quicker updates.

What’s your Choice?

Considering all the options – Contract Price of 16Gb at $199, 32 Gb at $249 through AT&T, Unlocked Price of 16Gb at $575, 32 Gb at $629 and the Play Store pricing of $349 which one would you opt for and why? Also do you think that the price of the Moto X is justified for what it offers? Do you really think that the panel’s changing and customization option is something unique or is it just a small bonus which is not worth the money. Let us know in the comments section below.



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