Google PLAY Store Web Version Gets a Major Design Overhaul – Details & Issues

Google has finally released the latest and the updated user interface of Google PLAY web version which ropes in the latest state of the art design which is not only simple but also is very appealing. Earlier Google has recently talked about this new revamped version of Google PLAY Web Store in its Google I/O 2013 event. The specialty of this part is very fast and loads in few seconds. The best part is that the new Google PLAY Store can be accessed from all parts of the Globe. We have shown some of the screen captures of the New Google PLAY Store Web version.

PLAY 1  Movies 1 Books

While the new PLAY Store is very smooth and faster than ever, it has some issues as well. This new layout doesn’t seem to work well with the browsers other than Chrome, Opera, or Maxthon. There are some issues in some versions of IE as well. WebP images are not supported by every browser – in fact, if you’re not using Chrome, Opera, or Maxthon, your browser does not currently support WebP.

Also when you are selecting the categories of the Store, you might face difficulties in going to Home section as mouse over is not that accurate which is a huge design flaw by Google.

My Apps Section is considerably slow and also just in case if your device is loaded with many apps. While all these issues are temporary, the new design is much more simple and uncluttered.

At last, we would like to thank Google for coming out with this new Light and vibrant Web Store of Google PLAY, precisely for using WebP for images in supported browsers and AJAXifying all the things. Do let us know your thoughts on this in the comments section below.

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