A Nifty Third Party Unlocking Tool for Android – MyLock

A lot of people are pretty disgruntled with the inbuilt screen locking software that comes with Android as a stock standard solution. Luckily for those of us that feel this way we have an app out there on the Market called MyLock. One of the main problems people have with the inbuilt screen locking software built into the Android operating system is its lack of customisation. It is something a little finicky when you go to use it as well. MyLock offers a pretty good range of customisation options for those of us who need to customise how our screen lock works. I have actually had my touch screen magically unlock itself when wearing pants made out of specific materials (heavy cotton has done it on more than one occasion – I have no idea why) and when I pop my phone out of my pocket I am enabled my 3G connection or something stupid like that – even worse, I have actually adjusted my volume to silent and didn’t have vibrate active so I have missed calls. These are worse case scenarios however.

A Nifty Third Party Unlocking Tool for Android MyLock

MyLock actually allows you to set your own input and pattern to unlock the screen. This can be as complicated (or as easy as you want it). In fact, I have read that some people dislike the way that some Android phones handle the unlock function. One such problem has been bought to my attention involving the HTC Hero. You actually need to tap the physical power button and then slide a lock graphic down the screen in order to unlock the screen. To me this seems outright nutty – having to actually touch the power button in order to unlock the screen – the power button should just be for turning the phone on and off. You also can’t actually disable the lock screen function on a few Android devices – which makes it a little silly if you have a tablet PC that is unlikely to be touched when left sitting there minding its own business.

MyLock actually allows you to turn the screen locking mechanism that it uses on and off. It actually disables the regular Android screen locking process and takes over the function. It is a free app as well (even better) and until they implement a better screen locking mechanism (which is probably going to be pretty soon) into Android it is a nice little app and easy to install. For the amount of functionality and customisation that is squeezed into MyLock it is interesting that they offer to give it away for nothing. It is fairly value packed for a free app and the high level of customisation is a God send. It even has an auto-unlock feature! While this may sound silly to some – others will be saying thank goodness. There is nothing worse than trying to make a phone call quickly and jumping through a bunch of hoops just to use the phone. You can also set a variety of other options to get the most out of the app.

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