Nokia to be renamed “Microsoft Mobiles” – Are we seeing The End of Nokia?

A letter sent to the ones in relation with the Nokia Services, read the words “Please note that upon the close of the transaction between Microsoft and Nokia, the name of Nokia Corporation/Nokia Oyj will change to Microsoft Mobile Oy,”. There you read it, Nokia won’t hold the name which was there since years, and it is going to be called Microsoft Mobiles. A bolt move, or a big blunder?

For me as an avid user of Android devices, I was totally excited about the Nokia X when the first rumors about it came up. Then came in the actual launch at the MWC 2014 where we saw utter disappointment from everyone and I had the same feeling. Nokia X with the Nokia X platform based on AOSP? that too a WVGA 4-inch display, dual-core processor and the SDK being the Jelly Bean one! Crazy past stuff in the world full of high-end devices.

Note: It’s the entity which is being renamed, but after the deal, it shouldn’t be a surprise if we see devices named Microsoft Mobile 920 for Nokia Lumia 920.

Nokia Microsoft Deal

Nokia didn’t do really well in the Windows Phone section, but Microsoft is keen on making it worse I suppose. They are renaming it as Microsoft Mobiles where you won’t see a hint of Android at all, as no one would directly use the competition to promote themselves.

“* With the completion of this sale, the Nokia Devices & Services business will be part of this Finnish entity, Microsoft Mobile Oy, a subsidiary of Microsoft Corp.”

Nokia Letter

Although the deal and the decision of name change, Nokia’s handset and services business won’t be really affected and it should stay the same and run as usual under Microsoft, and Stephen Elop, the CEO and President of Nokia before the acquisition, would be the head of this division under Microsoft.

It’s just the mobile services section which is going to change, but the functioning of the telecom networks and infrastructure business NSN, its mapping and location based services HERE and its Advanced Technologies business are all going to be the same. Let us see where all this is headed to, and whether Microsoft is doing a mistake removing the iconic name of Nokia.

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