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We know that just like us, many of our viewers were surprised by the Nokia’s weird announcement of the Nokia X, as everyone was expecting Nokia to jump into the Android market with the device running stock Android with some UI, but the company went the chinese way, where the Android Open Source Project is taken and modified to make a totally different platform, the Nokia X platform. Quite surprising, but is it really disappointing? Let us take a look, as we did ask the Nokia team a lot of questions to understand how the OS works.

Nokia X FAQ

Doesn’t the Nokia X have the Android 4.4 KitKat? as that was what we were expecting and that was rumored all around.
Answer: No, it simply isn’t the Android OS, so the KitKat flavor isn’t there in it. There is Nokia’s own reason for this, but you won’t be able to find the name Android anywhere in it. There is nothing to disappoint about it as you still would be able to use Android apps in it.

What store is available in the Nokia X for downloading apps?
There is not just one but a few stores using which a user can install the apps. Firstly, there is the Nokia Store which provides loads of apps, but along with that, there are some alternatives such as Aptoid, Amazon App Store and a few others, and you can install any other app stores as well, including the MoboMarket Lite which we reviewed recently.

Where is the Nokia X going to be available?
The Nokia team did mention that the Nokia X “will be available pretty much everywhere except North America, Korea and Japan.” So there you go, those are the only markets where Nokia won’t be selling its X series devices.

What is the price set for Nokia X?
First announced in the European market, the pricing there was €89, and now in India, this is priced at Rs. 8599. The other models, the X+ and XL are yet to be launched, so the pricing for Indian market is not known yet.

How do I multitask in the Nokia X?
Multitasking is again not the same which you would be seeing on all the standard Android smartphone, because you are seeing a totally different interface and interestingly, just a single back key in the bottom. But, Fastlane is what would let you do the multitasking in the Nokia X. While using a particular application, you will just have to press the back key for a second so that it takes you to the home screen and the app would be shown in the fastlane when you swipe from the home screen to the fastlane. Open some other app and again long press the back key, so that you can now switch between the apps and go back exactly to the app page where you were earlier.

Can I install external apps on Nokia X?
Yes, given they are of the .apk format which is the installation package file for the Android phones. We tried installing the Android apps using the .apk installer and they got installed without any hassle. There is just one setting which you need to set to install the third party apps in your device.

Here’s how you can do that: Sideload Android Apps on Nokia X

What’s the Android OS version and Processor powering the device?
The Nokia X comes with the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Play processor and although Nokia is using the Nokia X platform in this, we checked using one of the identifier tools and found out that it is the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean OS which Nokia has tweaked to make the Nokia X Platform Version 1.0. The RAM is a small disappointment as the Nokia X has 512MB RAM which really isn’t high, but still we were able to multitask quite easily.

How do I take a screenshot on Nokia X?
The Nokia X after all isn’t something different, and post Ice Cream Sandwich version of Android OS, a user can always capture a screenshot using the system buttons, and here what you need to press is the volume down and the power key together from the actual screen which you wanted to capture. And the screenshot would get saved in the Gallery in a separate screenshots folder.

The Nokia X Camera battery can be removed?
Yes, because the back cover of the Nokia x is removable, you can just pull out the battery if you wished to do so. This is quite helpful for those who especially follow the traditional way of removing and placing the battery back when the phone isn’t responding. And also for those who wanted to address the battery problems by themselves.

What kind of SIM does Nokia X accept?
The phone uses a MicroSIM and as the device is a Dual-SIM one, it would have two slots for the SIM cards just beside the battery when the back cover is removed.

So can I make Skype video calls with a Nokia X?
Sadly, you might not be able to do the proper video calls with the Nokia X, due to the absence of the front facing camera in it. But still, if you are fine enough in showing yourself with the rear camera and not look at the screen, its possible.

I need Google Maps on the Nokia X. Can I install that?
Nokia Here Maps is your answer. Although it’s all possible to root the device and then install whatever you want, but the Here Maps are quite impressive, and in a way, better than the Google Maps as you can use them offline without any data connectivity, with the help of GPS for the navigation and directions.

Is the 512MB RAM good enough for multitasking?
As said above, you can’t fully do the multitasking as you could do with the other Android smartphones, but still it was quite enough, given that the phone doesn’t keep everything in memory. By default, after a restart, the phone already used around 60% of RAM, so don’t expect to do some heavy usage on the phone.

Can I run Whatsapp on Nokia X
Yes, with all ease you can run WhatsApp. Although it’s not available on the Nokia Store, you will be able to install WhatsApp by directly downloading from whatsapp.com or by going into the other alternatives stores.

Now, here are a few questions from the web which we feel, are important for others too.

Will I be able to download videos or mp3 songs, as in any other android phone?. With Nokia lumia there is a big problem in downloading the videos & mp3 songs. Please suggest me about it as I had bought a lumia 520 & sold it within a week because of this problem. please help if you already have used nokia x.
The only thing you need to understand is the difference between Android and Windows Phone. It’s a product from Nokia but you are using the Android OS in it, so the apps which are on any other Android phone can be installed here too, and thus you might be able to download mp3 and videos without a problem. And yes, I did try to download with the famous TubeMate app whose apk is available, and the videos can be downloaded from Youtube.

So, we hope everything is covered here. Still, once we get to use the device for a few days, we could do a proper review and let you know whether the device is worth the price Nokia has set for it in the market which has a wide range of devices.

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